Atmel Rolls Out Smart RF Development Kits for ISM-Band UHF ICs

6/4/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of a new development kit family that enables customers to get started with Atmelís UHF ICs easily and quickly. The development kits ATAK57xx support the design of wireless data transmission systems for ISM frequency bands with Atmelís UHF FSK/ASK transmitter and receiver devices T57xx. Typical applications for the T57xx family members are remote control, keyless entry, telemetry or security and alarm systems.

The development kits are available in various configurations to cover different operation frequencies, receiver bandwidths, modulation types and performance requirements. They can be used in the US frequency bands at 315 MHz and 915 MHz, the most widespread 433-MHz band used in both Europe and the US, as well as the 868-MHz band as assigned in Europe. Currently, the higher frequency bands are preferred for telemetry applications.

All kits consist of a motherboard including Atmelís AVR® microcontroller, an RF receiver IC, transmitter IC and an interface board including all other components like antennas, cables and connectors needed to design a working RF link. The kits are provided with dedicated operation software, which has been optimized for easy and intuitive handling but which is still flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of the various target applications. For example, the configuration of the RF receiver and transmitter IC is programmable and tools are implemented to edit signal and configuration data, with access to every single bit if necessary, or to assess the momentary performance of the link. The data communication between the PC and the application boards is done via the serial port (RS-232) to ensure maximum compatibility with different PC hardware and operating systems. A detailed description of the different transmitter and receiver development boards is available for download on Atmel's web site (see and

The appropriate kit for specific requirements can be found by referring to the Selection Guide RF Design Kit ATAK57xx at All ATAK57xx Smart RF Development Kits are available now, pricing starts at US$ 299. To order the Smart RF development kits, please contact your local Atmel sales office or distributor.

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Atmel's Smart RF Development Kits information may be retrieved at: (select ATAK57xx)

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