Sun StorEdge Power Units Deliver Storage at USD$.02/MB/Year

6/3/2004 - At its quarterly NC04Q2 launch, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced innovative new storage software, systems and highly flexible utility pricing options that fundamentally alter and simplify the management of data throughout its lifecycle. Other announcements include:

During a keynote at the SunNetwork(SM) Conference in Shanghai, PRC, Mark Canepa, executive vice president, Network Storage Products Group at Sun, previewed Sun's next generation storage platform that will enhance the ability to manage heterogeneous data center environments. Combining Sun innovations with technology from the Pirus acquisition, this purpose-built storage system for application consolidation offers enterprise class storage at midrange prices.

"Today we are signaling our intent to change forever the way storage is architected, implemented and managed," said Canepa. "Network Services will apply as much to storage as they do to wireless networks today. The first step is to match the class of storage to the application environment to deliver more predictability, flexibility and manageability. We are driving enterprise computing from current fixed pricing to flexible pricing and management models as part of our broader Information Lifecycle Management strategy. This will unleash exciting new revenue opportunities for service providers and our global network of partners."

Sun is currently in the final stages of beta testing the first release of the new platform, officially called the Sun StorEdge 6920 system, and plans to deliver it to customers in the next 45 days. Canepa indicated that the first release of the Sun StorEdge 6920 system will offer data services such as point-in-time, remote replication and data migration as well as centralized management of performance-hungry business applications like OLTP, Data Warehouse and ERP, and productivity applications such as email and others. Canepa also noted that future releases by year-end will include mirroring and other functionality that can be added via a software upgrade without any disruption to the current environment.

Powering Utility Computing for Storage
Sun Utility Computing for StorEdge Systems, a new pay-for-use storage solution, delivers storage capacity when it is needed at an attractive, predictable price. It is available from Sun and the company's global network of partners and service providers.

The cornerstone of the solution is the Sun StorEdge 9980, an industry-leading storage system that delivers high levels of performance, scalability and capacity for large data center class environments. Pricing is based on Sun StorEdge Power Units starting at USD$.02 per megabyte per year.* Unlike other utility computing models, the Sun StorEdge "Power Unit" delivers a combination of hardware and software infrastructure and associated services, including all installation services, SunSpectrum Platinum(SM) service support, Sun StorEdge management portal (including the Sun Fire(TM) V240 server) and essential software licenses.

Customers pay only for storage capacity consumed so large up-front capital IT expenditures for both hardware and software are eliminated, and additional cost benefits are realized through the asset management provided by this solution. Customers using the storage utility pricing model will spend up to three times less versus the costs normally associated with either leasing or purchasing and maintaining the physical storage asset over the course of a three-year period.

"Truly understanding the customers' data center environment and the business drivers impacting it are key to a successful product delivery strategy for any vendor," said Randy Kerns, senior partner of the Evaluator Group. "With its storage Utility Computing model, Sun is addressing the need to reduce cost and complexity in the data center while at the same time adding a new level of flexibility for customers and a predictable cost structure."

Addressing the high-end with this initial pay-for-use model, Sun also plans to deliver similar programs for its low-end and midrange environments.

Sun StorEdge SAM-QFS Delivers Solid ILM Foundation
Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and Sun StorEdge QFS software delivers policy-based, high-performance file management for over 2000 sites worldwide. Version 4.1 adds the following enhancements:

Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and Sun StorEdge QFS software will continue to support new ILM solutions that will be introduced throughout the coming year.

Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Expands to Include SATA
Sun is adding two storage systems to its Sun StorEdge 3000 family of simple, adaptable, expandable storage systems with superior value for the workgroup. Like all members of this storage family, the new Sun StorEdge 3511 and Sun StorEdge 3120 systems are ruggedized for NEBS (Level 3 certification) and MilSpec compliant. By combining the new Sun StorEdge 3000 products with Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and Sun StorEdge QFS software, customers have cost-effective options for nearline storage and data archiving.

The Sun StorEdge 3511 FC offers Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and can deliver 70% more capacity than equivalent Fibber Channel storage at a price that is up to 50% lower per megabyte. The Sun StorEdge 3120 system supports Sun's low-cost computing strategy, offering high density in a small form factor (1U). This product is also Sun's next generation boot device, adding fail-over capability and supporting twice the number of domains in the same rack space as its predecessor, the Sun StorEdge S1.

Building on the momentum of the Sun StorEdge 3000 and Sun StorEdge 9000 families and the introduction of the Sun StorEdge 6920 system, next quarter Sun will round out its product line-up with a file-based storage solution, adding a new family, the Sun StorEdge 5000 system. These new product introductions and the roll-out of utility pricing options demonstrate Sun's continued commitment to deliver a robust portfolio of solutions to customers that changes the economics of storage with innovative new technologies and delivery models.

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* Minimum contract terms of three years and 30 terabytes (TBs) of Sun StorEdge Power Units.

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