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6/3/2004 - On the heels of its first-ever Lifelong Learning Forum held in Madrid, Spain in March, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced the Java(SM) Education and Learning Community (JELC). Spearheaded by Sun, the JELC's mission is to gather a global community of key educators, administrators and technologists to share best practices and strategies for creating, managing and implementing next-generation education infrastructures. Sun announced the availability of the JELC portal at the eLearning Center of Excellence Forum hosted in Shanghai, PRC in conjunction with Sun's first Asia Pacific SunNetwork Conference.

Founded on the principle of open collaboration, the JELC plans to address a variety of issues of great importance to the education community, including teaching and learning new technologies, vocational retraining, bridging the digital divide, and achieving full global access to top education materials and courses. To make this happen, Sun is convening education stakeholders and decision-makers, including ministers of education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ministers, K-12 and higher education institutions, as well as partners such as independent software vendors, standards boards and humanitarian organizations.

"The JELC continues Sun's active support of the Schools Interoperability Framework and the IMS Global Learning Consortium," said Ed Walker, CEO of IMS. "Sun has been a vital participant in our worldwide activities to promote the development of global distributed learning through the cooperative and collaborative efforts of institutions, companies and government agencies. Setting up the JELC is a timely and appropriate next step for Sun to take on behalf of the global community of participants in eLearning."

The centerpiece of the JELC is the dedicated Education and Learning Community portal on Java.Net. The portal, a premier, Web-based, open community, will serve as the central access point for collaboration, enabling the sharing of best practices and establishing a set of standards that will provide nations and academic institutions with universal access to services, curriculum and training. Sun will continue to team with academia to build customer solutions that will dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of network computing for K-12 and higher education institutions, and the portal will be a key delivery mechanism for these services. Most importantly, the portal will serve as a catalyst for driving the dialog and networking among this community of peers, which is critical to advancing innovation and forward momentum in the education industry.

The preexisting, grass-roots Education and Research Community on Java.Net will merge into the JELC community. The projects and influencers around the world who already participate in the Education and Research Community bring valuable momentum to the new Java Education and Learning Community, as the JELC is intended to bring new commitments by standards bodies and the worldwide education community to meet and work together on projects.

"The JELC is the product of years of work in building a dialog among the leaders in education in an effort to advance the cause of eLearning worldwide. This new community is a leading open, global community on eLearning and innovation and Sun is proud to be championing its work," said Kim Jones, vice president, Global Education and Research for Sun Microsystems and JELC Board Member. "Adhering to Sun's philosophy on open standards, the JELC represents a revolution in teaching and learning as it leverages existing work from specifications groups and open standards consortia. Sun will continue to work diligently to foster true knowledge communities, such as the JELC, that inspire global collaboration and leverage open standards to forever lower costs and reduce complexity for education institutions worldwide."

JELC Founding Members and Advisory Committee Members

Sun's Java Education and Learning Community Mission Statement
The Java Education and Learning Community provides researchers, teachers, programmers, authors, corporate trainers, administrators, public officials, students and others a place to find, develop and share Java-related open source educational tools, open learning standards implementations and open course learning materials.

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