Sun Microsystems Reveals 16 New Reference Architectures and Solutions

6/3/2004 - At its second quarterly Network Computer '04 launch, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced 16 new Reference Architectures and Solutions that provide enterprises with access to thousands of hours of know-how related to reducing risks and accelerating time-to-benefit for leading applications such as those from Oracle, SAP and Cognos. This pioneering approach brings together Sun technology and its unrivaled base of partners to tackle a broad range of enterprise computing needs, including high availability web services, real-time sales transaction reporting, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning. Sun also announced Reference Architectures and Solutions for new technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), accelerating customers' time-to-benefit for these emerging frontiers.

Harris Corporation, for example, was able to efficiently deploy new mission-critical web services based on the Sun Reference Architecture for Highly Available Application Services. And GE Healthcare Systems used the Sun Reference Architecture for Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence to achieve as much as 60 percent better transaction response time and up to 25 percent more hits-per-second based on early test results.

"Sun innovations extend beyond the lab and mesh with how technology is architected, implemented and managed," said Anil Gadre, chief marketing officer at Sun. "Sun Reference Architectures and Solutions make thousands of hours of know-how available to customers, removing the guesswork and risk. This is not just a source of competitive advantage for Sun, but also our customers."

"Sun's Reference Architecture for Highly Available Application Services provided Harris Corporation a comprehensive framework and detailed guidelines for deploying mission-critical web services," said Scott Stambaugh, a J2EE technology lead for a large mission-critical government program at Harris Corporation. "The comprehensive description of reference implementations, particularly in regard to sizing and tuning of the target environment, will help us continue to exceed our customer's demanding needs. We can efficiently plan new deployments of our mission-critical, web-based services saving us time and money."

The Sun Reference Architecture for Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence
The Sun Reference Architecture for Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence (CEBI) unites multiple data sources through a single interface to provide customers clear visibility into operations, processes and business performance. Sun helps customers such as GE Healthcare Systems increase its competitive advantage through deeper, fact-based understanding of its business and by providing real-time reporting on key functions such as sales, manufacturing and service. Preliminary testing of the CEBI Reference Architecture demonstrated as much as a 60 percent decrease in average transaction response time and up to a 25 percent increase in average hits-per-second.

"We appreciated Sun's unique approach in letting us test a proof-of-concept of Sun's Reference Architecture for Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence prior to our implementation. This gave us the confidence we needed that this was the right solution for our data center," said Mitchell Habib, executive vice president and chief information officer, GE Healthcare. "GE Healthcare is growing at a tremendous rate and we were impressed with this Reference Architecture for its ability to keep up with and manage the increased demands on our system. Sun and Cognos had the best approach to meet these needs."

Reduces Systems Costs by up to 32 Percent; Leverages Latest Technologies
The Sun N1(TM) Grid Infrastructure Solution for SAP leverages Sun's core N1 Grid technology to virtualize multiple SAP installations into a single, manageable instance. One customer deployment of this solution was able to reduce system costs by as much 32 percent, maintenance costs by as much as 41 percent, and increased database CPU utilization by up to 55 percent for a global automobile manufacturer. Sun Infrastructure Solutions combine Reference Architectures with real-world proven deployment methodologies to provide comprehensive, best-in-class solutions that help customers do more with their enterprise computing assets today.

The Sun ERP Grid Reference Architecture for Oracle(R) Database 10g provides a high performance, highly available ERP/database deployment in a cost-effective grid environment. This reference architecture is inherently flexible, enabling users to easily reallocate compute resources and bandwidth based on business requirements. The integration of Sun Fire(TM) V20z Opteron-based systems and InfiniBand technology form a powerful grid infrastructure that can offer higher database throughput and higher performance.

Meeting the Unique Needs of the Emerging Chinese Marketplace
Among the 16 new Sun Reference Architectures announced today, seven were developed in collaboration with Chinese independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators. The Sun Petrol Sales Information Systems Reference Architecture was developed in collaboration with NES Asia, a global systems integrator. Based on the Sun Java Enterprise System Application Server, this new Reference Architecture was built for a major Chinese oil refiner to provide real-time sales transaction reporting for more than 15,000 retail stations and convenience stores in China. The net result is a highly available solution that has provided a holistic real-time supply-chain view for one of China's largest suppliers.

Adding to its growing Reference Architecture and Solutions portfolio, Sun also announced:

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