Triquint Introduces Foundry Design Kits for 7 pHEMT Processes

6/3/2004 - TriQuint Semiconductor (Nasdaq: TQNT), a leading GaAs Foundry Services provider, announced the availability of new Advanced Design System (ADS) design kits for seven of the widely-utilized pHEMT processes available through its Richardson, TX location. The new kits contain sets of scalable passive and active elements for four 0.25um pHEMT processes, the 0.15um LN-pHEMT process, the 0.5um pHEMT process and the 0.5um HFET process and offer improved accuracy and customer convenience compared to those previously available.

The new kits target the latest version of Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS), taking advantage of the program’s simulation, schematic and layout synchronization capability, as well as the ADS Design Rule Checker module.

“Our customers benefit by being able to design their MMICs with more accuracy and convenience in a shorter period of time than with the prior baseline foundry kits. ADS is an important toolset to support, exhibiting the widest usage in our customer base and within TriQuint,” said Eli Reese, Director of Design Engineering at TriQuint Semiconductor in Richardson, Texas.

“We’ve had a long working relationship with Agilent. The ADS design kits install easily and without problems, so our customers can start designing right away. With the DRC capability, customers have the added advantage of checking that their design meets the layout rules, which leads to decreased cycle time and a more producible design,” said Karen Johnson, TriQuint Semiconductor Foundry Engineering Manager.

The design kits are a subset of the essential components and tools from the fully integrated and automated MASC (MMIC Artwork and Schematic Capture) Library, which was released by TriQuint in 1998. The kits offer integrated microstrip lines, scalable capacitors (series and shunt) and resistors, pads, vias and several types of active devices (FETs, switch FETs, and diodes) at multiple biases. Many of the custom elements have unique layout capabilities such as any-angle placement, “locking nodes,” and built-in graphical depiction of artwork parameters. The design kits include DRC capabilities (with improved error viewer).

The TriQuint design kits feature the 0.25-um mmW-pHEMT-3MI; 0.25-um mmW-pHEMT-2MI; 0.25-um XKu-pHEMT-3MI; 0.25-um Ku-pHEMT-2MI; 0.15-um LN-pHEMT; 0.5-um pHEMT-2MI, and 0.5-um HFET-2MI processes. For details about these processes, please visit the TriQuint website:

Agilent’s Advanced Design System offers simulation and layout capabilities for complete front-to-back MMIC design in an integrated flow. Foundry design kits allow MMIC designers across the globe to utilize ADS seamlessly for creating custom circuits using a wide range of foundry processes. Visit for more information about ADS and Agilent EEsof EDA.

"With these new TriQuint design kits, our mutual customers have access to a powerful MMIC design solution in an integrated flow,” said Riccardo Giacometti, foundry program manager of the Agilent EEsof EDA Division. "We know how important it is for our customers to get their MMIC designs out on schedule, and we believe that the combination of our tools and the TriQuint design kits will result in a highly productive design flow.”

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (Nasdaq: TQNT - news) is a leading supplier of high performance products for communications applications. The company focuses on the specialized expertise, materials and know-how for RF/IF and optical applications. The company enjoys diversity in its markets, applications, products, technology and customer base. Markets include wireless phones, base stations, optical networks, broadband and microwave equipment, and aerospace and defense. TriQuint provides customers with standard and custom product solutions as well as foundry services. Products are based on advanced process technologies including gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon germanium, and surface acoustic wave (SAW). TriQuint customers include major communications companies worldwide. TriQuint has manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as production assembly plants in Costa Rica and Mexico, plus sales support offices in China and design centers in New England, Germany and Taiwan. All manufacturing and production facilities are registered to the ISO9001:2000 international quality standard.

TriQuint is headquartered at 2300 NE Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124 and can be reached at (503) 615-9000 (fax (503) 615-8900). Visit the TriQuint web-site at

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