Toshiba Adopts Magma's Blast Fusion APX for 90nm, SoC Product Design

6/3/2004 - Magma Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design solutions, announced that Toshiba Corporation, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, and Toshiba Microelectronics Corporation, a semiconductor product developer and a design provider, have successfully implemented a system on chip (SoC) in Toshiba’s TC300 90-nanometer technology using Magma’s Blast Fusion® APX, Blast PlanTM and Blast Noise® software. With the Magma software’s hierarchical design capabilities, Toshiba was able to tape out the large multimillion-gate SoC product. Blast Noise’s crosstalk analysis and avoidance solution allowed the design to be implemented with high quality.

”The unified datamodel of Blast Fusion APX and its 64-bit Opteron support provided very high capacity and predictable timing closure, greatly enhancing the productivity and performance of our 90-nanometer designs,” said Takashi Yoshimori, technology executive, SoC Design of Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Company. “This enabled hierarchical design with fewer blocks, significantly simplified the design process and reduced design cycle as expected.”

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations for performance and turnaround time,” said Seiichi Hirai, executive vice president and general manager of Toshiba Microelectronics Corporation’s ASIC Division. “Our design teams were able to quickly learn and adopt the Magma flow in order to meet the schedule requirements of our customers.”

“This Toshiba and Toshiba Microelectronics success clearly demonstrates the Magma technology’s superiority, especially on development of designs with narrow market windows,” said Mehrdad Shahabi, president of Magma Design Automation Co., Ltd. in Japan. “I was extremely pleased and impressed with the Toshiba and Toshiba Microelectronics design teams’ abilities to utilize the advanced features of Blast Fusion APX to meet complex 90-nanometer sign-off requirements in such a short time.”

Magma’s Integrated, High-Capacity Approach & Advanced Capabilities Solve 90-Nanometer Design Challenges With Blast Fusion APX, Blast Plan and Blast Noise, the Toshiba and Toshiba Microelectronics designers addressed key 90-nanometer design issues such as on-chip variation (OCV) consideration, complex physical design rules and noise avoidance during implementation. As a result they achieved expected timing closure and met the schedule required.

Blast Fusion APX is a fast, high-capacity netlist-to-GDSII physical design system for advanced methodologies and nanometer process technologies. It provides advanced analysis and optimization capabilities for designing high-performance, low-power designs. Blast Fusion APX enables rapid design closure, taking into account new nanometer design challenges such as OCV.

The hierarchical design capability in Blast Plan, and Opteron support, allowed the Toshiba and Toshiba Microelectronics team to minimize the number of hierarchical blocks and delivered full-chip analysis, with top-level optimization. Magma’s unique GlassBoxTM modeling technology retained the relevant timing information in each block so that the timing goal could be achieved. Blast Noise was used throughout the flow to automatically identify and fix signal integrity violations.

About Magma
Magma provides leading software for designing highly complex integrated circuits while maximizing Quality of Results with respect to area, timing and power, and at the same time reducing overall design cycles and costs. Magma provides a complete RTL-to-GDSII design flow that includes design planning, prototyping, synthesis, place & route, and signal and power integrity chip design capabilities in a single executable, offering “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon”TM. Magma’s software also includes products for advanced physical synthesis and architecture development tools for programmable logic devices (PLDs); capacitance extraction; and characterization and modeling. The company's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Visit Magma Design Automation on the Web at and

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