Swapcom Makes SMS Service Breakthrough on GSM Network in Togo

6/2/2004 - Swapcom's implementation of a value-added SMS services platform on the GSM network in Togo run by operator Togocel has opened the way for innovative messaging services and has made Togocel the exclusive nationwide provider of mobile entertainment.

With 80 % of the mobile market share, Togocel plays the leading role in cultivating local SMS culture and defining trends in value-added SMS services in French-speaking Togo.

Strong growth in the value-added application-to-person messaging sector, better known as "MC+" by the 250 000 Togo mobile customers, led Togocel to consult a mobile software provider with a strong background in SMS platform roll-out and proven service reliability.

Swapcom "Multimedia Mobile Gateway" ensures full support of Togocel's messaging services and confers two main benefits for the operator.

Firstly, Swapcom advanced routing, billing and statistics software eases management of existing SMS services. Togocel is continuing to operate its own popular SMS horoscope and leisure services.

Secondly, Swapcom "Multimedia Mobile Gateway" seamlessly opens up the network in order for service providers to deploy more innovative time-to-market offers. Since the beginning of the year, Togocel customers have been enticed by the latest entertainment crazes in SMS quizes, prize draws and SMS voting on popular radio and television game shows.

Togocel has already registered a 5% increase in SMS traffic linked to new gaming services and plans to build on growing awareness with the launch of a banking service intended for business customer profiles.

"Our communication campaigns still have a didactic role. We first have to familiarise our Togolese customers with handset capabilities and show them how messaging services work" explains Mr.Youssouf Bougonou, Togocel Sales Director. "Swapcom Multimedia Mobile Gateway is a powerful tool that will pay dividends by allowing us to roll out attractive services and confirm our dominance as the only operator in Togo with the technology to deliver" adds Mr. Bougonou.

Swapcom Africa Sales Manager Mr Yann Pognant confirms the opportunities. "Our hold on the African continent has given us insight into Operator needs in terms of connection software and mobile messaging management. By conferring platform implementation to Swapcom, Togocel can expect to achieve strong commercial growth through value added services".

About Togocel
TOGO CELLULAIRE is a subsidiary of TOGO TELECOM State owned operator and was set up in 1998 in order to diversify and develop wireless telecommunications. With a current subscriber base of 200 000, TOGO CELLULAIRE is the leading operator in Togo. By focusing on technological innovation and a wide variety of value-added services, TOGO CELLULAIRE is today the ONLY operator in Togo to provide SMS+ services. http://www.togocel.tg

About Swapcom
Specialized in mobile technologies, Swapcom is a middleware software designer for mobile operators and mobile service providers. Focused on high capacity platforms, Swapcom products enable SMS/MMS Hub management, remote device configuration, and mobile publisher applications involving multi-media content processing. 70% of Swapcom revenues are achieved through international business ventures, of which half are pan-Europe.

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