Evalue Unveils Totally Modularized ETX-based InnoFlex Panel PC

6/1/2004 - Evalue's InnoFlex Panel PC series applies total modular design for greater flexibility in configuration with a variety of LCD display, system console and ETX CPU module options. It makes easy to build a customized Panel PC with a great number of options. The modular architecture and cableless design make the InnoFlex Panel PC ideal for HMI applications in POI, POS, KIOSK, transportation, healthcare and industrial automation industries.

ETX Core Benefits
Applying the ETX solution board, the InnoFlex gives engineers the modular options not only in the display unit, I/O capacity, but also the CPU platform choices that enable system scalability, eliminate cabling, increase system reliability and significantly reduce development time and cost.

Developers can employ the current EAP-EX91 carrier board, and choose the ETX CPU boards ranging from NS Geode to Transmeta Crusoe, VIA Eden and Mobile Intel Pentium III CPU level. Alternatively, customers can customize the ETX baseboard with low-profile design for specific form factor and functions. The customized carrier board is important for fitting the mechanical construction with less cabling and enhancing the system reliability. Therefore, customers may also take advantage from Evalue's BPS (baseboard prototyping services) for a sample designed in 30 working days.

Independent Display and System Console
The InnoFlex Panel PC consists of two mechanical frames, one LCD Panel Frame to hold the Touch Screen and 12.1" or 15" LCD panel, and one System Frame to house the ETX system board and the other modular components. Both frames are made of heavy duty steel and independent from each other. Customers can replace the LCD panel based on their preferences. The InnoFlex system as a whole is extremely robust to meet harsh environment demands from factory floor to outdoor and mobile vehicle.

Swappable Storage Devices & Options
The InnoFlex Panel PC is equipped with numerous modular storage devices for easy maintenance and on-the-field replacement. The system incorporates one slim type CD-ROM which can be replaced with DVD-ROM or COMBO drive, one embedded mounting kit for a 2.5-inch HDD, one type I/II CompactFlash socket which can be also replaced with a 6-in-1 card reader as an option. Additional features include two PCMCIA slots for wireless connectivity, three COM ports, and four USB 2.0 ports.

Evalue's InnoFlex Panel PC series applies cost-effective and time-saving modular design, including the display unit, system console and ETX-based core engine. Based on the ETX board solution, it provides system selections from Mobile Intel Pentium III to 5x86 platforms, allows the cableless I/O design that increases system reliability. All the features make InnoFlex Panel the first choice for HMI applications even in harsh environments.

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About Evalue
Evalue Technology Inc. describes itself as an innovator of Applied Computing Solutions. The company designs, manufactures and integrates variety of hardware and software platforms for various computing systems. The company's mission is to provide innovative modular computing solutions to maximize customer's competitiveness with ahead-of-market delivery. For more product information, visit http://www.evalue-tech.com/evalueweb/products/specifications/EXP-4620.cfm, or www.evalue-tech.com. For further contact, please write to sales@evalue-tech.com

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