Ubicom SDK 6.2 Supports Atheros 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Chipset

6/1/2004 - UbicomTM Inc., a leading supplier of wireless network processor and software platforms, announced support for Atheros 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN chipsets and high-throughput Super A/GTM feature set in release 6.2 of its Software Development Kit. With 92Mbps of routing performance, and over 51Mbps of uncompressed, WPA secured, Super GTM wireless throughput, this platform represents the highest performance solution targeted for the home user.

In addition to providing the highest combined routing and wireless performance on the market, this system implementation maintains wireless performance at 36Mbps even when the system is fully loaded with wired and wireless traffic running simultaneously. Using Super ATM mode,the wireless throughput can be boosted to 50Mbps under the same fully loaded conditions.

Ubicom offers customers excellent performance, at competitive system level price points, through a unique processor and software architecture. By eliminating unnecessary system software and associated memory, and by using a packet processing oriented instruction set, the architecture delivers 2-3 times the performance of equivalent MIPS or ARM based solutions running Linux.

For example, under the same test conditions, a Broadcom-based gateway using the MIPS processor core and running the Linux operating system, with AfterburnerTM technology and WPA security enabled, was measured at a peak routing performance of 35Mbps and wireless throughput of 32Mbps. When this system was fully loaded with wired and wireless traffic, the wired routing collapsed to 8Mbps and the wireless throughput dropped to 21Mbps.

In combination with Atheros’ wide range of radio solutions– from their cost-effective single chip AR5005G802.11g, through their dual band AR5004X802.11a/b/g set – this platform meets the needs of multiple end product segments at a variety of price points. The additional performance and flexibility of the Ubicom IP3023 wireless network processor enables applications such as high definition streaming media; multifunction gateway devices incorporating print servers, VoIP or network storage; and high throughput VDSL gateways.

End users of products containing this high performance technology benefit from consistent performance of their home network and Internet connection under different traffic conditions at an affordable price. This characteristic enables the deployment of more demanding applications such as voice and video where poor network performance impacts the end user experience.

"By combining our IP3023 wireless network processor with Atheros' advanced 802.11g and 802.11a/g chipsets and Super A/G Performance features, customers can now get both highest performance routing and highest WLAN throughput at new, affordable price points,” said Doug Spreng, chairman and CEO of Ubicom. “Together, Atheros and Ubicom can deliver solutions to the most demanding wireless applications, such as high performance router/gateways and wireless streaming media adapters."

"Ubicom's highly flexible and high-performance platform, when combined with Atheros' advanced WLAN chipsets, will enable a whole new set of WLAN applications and capabilities,” said Colin Macnab, vice president of marketing and business development at Atheros."We look forward to creating new market opportunities, such as high performance gateways and streaming media applications, with our combined solutions."

Product Availability
The IP3023 wireless network processor and SDK6.2 are shipping in production today.

About Ubicom's Wireless Network Processor and Software Platforms
Ubicom's industry-leading price performance is enabled by a patent-pending architecture designed for real-time tasks and low latency. The IP3023 and Ubicom's ipOSTM network operating system can process packets twice as fast as typical solutions, dramatically improving response times for games, voice, and other interactive applications. As a result, the IP3023 can support multiple clients and functions without suffering the performance degradation that occurs with other platforms. The platform also uses patented design techniques to enable the high-performance execution of software I/O – a technique that implements all communications and control functions in software. Software I/O helps eliminate costly dedicated hardware I/O which typically comprises up to 75 percent of the SOC's die area. Additional architectural efficiencies reduce the amount of external memory required by as much as 95 percent, for further cost savings.

About Ubicom, Inc.
Ubicom, Inc. is making ubiquitous communications a reality, through wireless network processor and software platforms that enable all electronic devices to be connected to each other – securely, cost-effectively and transparently. With headquarters in Mountain View, California, Ubicom also has offices in Belgium, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For more information, visit www.ubicom.com.

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