Trolltech Rolls Out Linux-based Qtopia Phone Platform and UI

5/28/2004 - Trolltech, a leader in multiplatform development frameworks, announced the public release of Qtopia Phone Edition (Qtopia Phone). Qtopia Phone is a Linux-based application platform and user interface for mobile phones.

"The initial market response to Qtopia Phone has been phenomenal," said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO. "Phone manufacturers, particularly in Asia, are extremely interested in using Linux for their mobile phones, and they are excited to see Qtopia available for keypad-driven mobile phones."

"The success of Linux and the positive response to Qtopia Phone, is driven by the freedom and flexibility these platforms provide," said Eirik Chambe-Eng, Trolltech President. "Being able to select what functionality a phone will have, customize the user interface, and modify the source code are key reasons why Linux and Qtopia Phone will play a major part in the mobile phone market."

Qtopia Phone includes five key components, all of which are customizable by manufacturers and network operators:

Phone User Interface:
Qtopia Phone's user interface is a customizable, theme-able, scalable interface that works well on mobile screen sizes right down to 176 x 208. It can be personalized by end users and branded by manufacturers and network operators.

Qtopia Phone includes a powerful suite of phone applications, including PIM, productivity, email, games, multimedia framework, and a variety of utilities for phone personalization.

Qtopia Phone edition provides a powerful smartphone operating environment using a modest amount of memory. Qtopia Phone offers built-in input methods (and the ability to use custom input methods), an application launcher, document handling, internationalization, and wireless support.

Users can synchronize their phone with either Qtopia Desktop, a multiplatform desktop PIM suite from Trolltech, or with Microsoft (R) Outlook. Qtopia Phone can synchronize contacts, calendar events, to-do items, as well as multimedia files and documents.

Development Environment
Trolltech provides a comprehensive suite of tools that developers can use to customize and extend Qtopia Phone. The powerful development environment makes it easy to develop on a desktop system, then cross-compile onto a target device.

Qtopia Phone development starter kits are immediately available from Trolltech. Please contact or visit for more information.

About Trolltech
Trolltech® is a world leader in delivering tools, components, and libraries for C++ developers across all major operating systems. Trolltech products constitute a leading open source application development framework and are an integral part of the Linux desktop. Trolltech also develops innovative UI platforms that enable key players to adopt Linux for mobile devices.

Trolltech creates two product lines: Qt® and Qtopia®. Qt is a complete C++ application development framework, which includes a class library and tools for multiplatform development and internationalization. Qtopia is the first comprehensive application platform built for embedded Linux, and is used on numerous Linux-based PDAs and mobile phones.

Trolltech is a second generation open source company with a dual licensing business model and provides development software to some of the largest companies in the world including Intel, IBM, Motorola, and Sharp, among thousands more. Trolltech is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Palo Alto, California. More about Trolltech can be found at

About Qtopia
Qtopia is a Linux-based application environment designed to make mobile computing simple, powerful, intuitive, and flexible. A complete environment, Qtopia's intuitive and customizable user interface provides near-desktop power on mobile embedded devices.

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