Renesas Debuts M66506FP 32-Output Constant-Current Sink Type LED Driver

5/27/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the M66506FP 32-output constant-current sink type LED driver, incorporating a dual function that allows individual current setting on a 16-output basis as an industry first, for use with large LED displays. Mass production will begin on May 25, 2004 in Japan.

The M66506FP provides 32 outputs using the same package size as Renesas Technology's current 16-output product, and also offers low power consumption and multifunctionality, halving the system mounting area and simplifying system design.

Product Background
There is increasing use of large display screens in public facilities and LED displays for street advertising signs. To provide high-definition image displays with color capability, there is a demand for LED drivers to offer more than the current standard 16 outputs, as well as more sophisticated functions. To meet this market need, Renesas Technology has developed the M66506FP small, 32-output LED driver IC, based on LED driver technology developed for previous products.

Product Details
The M66506FP offers the following features.

  1. Industry's first 32-output LED driver allowing current setting on a 16-output basis
    Use of a 0.5 m BiC-DMOS1 process has enabled the number of driver outputs to be increased from 16 to 32. The output current can be set in the range from 10 mA to 100 mA, and a dual function is incorporated that allows individual current setting on a 16-output basis as an industry first, making possible two-color LED drive using separate settings with a single driver IC. The M66506FP uses a power SSOP2 package of the same size as Renesas Technology's current model, enabling the mounting area in a system to be halved.
  2. Approximately 75% lower power consumption plus higher definition
    The output elements have been changed from bipolar elements requiring a base current to voltage drive type DMOS elements, eliminating the need for a base current, and so enabling lower power consumption to be achieved in the pre-drive stage and constant-current setting circuitry, and reducing off-time power consumption by approximately 75% compared with Renesas Technology's current model. Stable output characteristics have been maintained with respect to temperature and voltage fluctuations, providing a high-quality LED display.
  3. Improved functionality
    The provision of an on-chip 6-bit D/A converter has made possible program-controlled 64-stage current adjustment in addition to the previous output current value control method using external resistors. Open/short detection functions have also been added to each output. If an abnormality occurs in the LED drive voltage value due to an LED abnormality or failure, the voltage is compared with the set voltage and an error signal is output. Voltage settings can be made in 32 stages from 0 to 2.5 V for the open detection function, and in three stages of 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3 VLED3 for the short detection function. All functions can be set with a command, simplifying system design.

Future plans call for the development of a model offering still low power consumption and higher functionality.


  • BiC-DMOS: A high breakdown voltage process technology that includes DMOS (Double Diffused MOS) transistors with an embedded diffuse epitaxial substrate structure, 5 to 90 V breakdown voltage MOS, and bipolar transistors.
  • Power SSOP: A small, surface mount power package with radiation fins exposed on the mold surface.
  • VLED: Voltage applied to an LED.
  • Typical Applications

    Prices in Japan
    M66506FP 52-pin power SSOP: 500 Yen (525 including tax)


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