Renesas Offers 2.3-Fold Improvement with SH-Mobile3 Processor

5/27/2004 - Renesas Technology Europe has announced the SH-Mobile3 (SH73180), the next high-end model in the SH-Mobile series of application processors for mobile phone systems. The device incorporates a new 32-bit SH4AL-DSP RISC CPU core that offers approximately a 2.3-fold improvement in performance over previous models. It also incorporates a 2D/3D graphics engine, an MPEG-4 full hardware accelerator and support for a 3-megapixel camera module. This allows it to handle various kinds of advanced multimedia applications in high-end next-generation mobile phones.

The SH-Mobile3 offers a high processing performance of 389MIPS at 216MHz operation. The newly developed SH4AL-DSP CPU core employs superscalar technology that enables simultaneous execution of two instructions and a 7-stage pipeline architecture to improve performance. At 1.8 MIPS/MHz, it offers approximately a 1.4-fold increase in performance per unit frequency over the 1.3 MIPS/MHz of the current SH3-DSP CPU core. Including the frequency increase, this gives approximately a 2.3-fold improvement in processing performance over the maximum 173 MIPS (at 133 MHz operation) of the current SH-Mobile series.

This performance increase enables the SH-Mobile3 to handle the parallel processing of multiple high-load applications and operations using a general purpose OS such as Linux rather than a dedicated OS. In addition, the instruction set of the SH4AL-DSP is upward-compatible with that of the current product SH3-DSP CPU core, allowing existing programs to be used and system development time to be shortened.

The SH-Mobile3 incorporates a camera interface that enables direct connection to a 3-megapixel camera module. This makes it possible to capture high resolution images and to implement versatile display features, such as electronic zoom display and superimposed screens, through the use of functions such as OSD (on-screen display) and HWC (hardware cursor). The device also includes a video output unit, making it possible to connect a mobile phone system to a TV set and display video captured with a camera.

The device incorporates a PowerVR® MBX Lite IP from UK-based Imagination Technologies, Ltd. (IMG) as a 2D/3D graphics engine. This enables the high speed display of realistic, high quality 2D/3D images and allows sophisticated applications to be implemented, such as the high-speed display of a number of realistic human figures or similar characters moving fluidly. In addition, an MPEG-4 full hardware accelerator provides the high-quality moving image processing capability required for video-mail and video-phones.

The SH-Mobile3 incorporates a variety of other mobile phone-oriented peripheral functions, including an LCD controller supporting a TFT colour liquid crystal display and a sound interface. The device uses a 409-pin CSP package (12 mm x 12 mm x 1.4 mm, 0.5 mm pin pitch). Sample shipments will begin in July 2004.

An SH-Mobile (SuperHTM Mobile Application Processor) is connected to the baseband LSI of a mobile phone system and performs dedicated voice, image, or similar multimedia application processing. The use of dedicated interfaces allows connection to various types of baseband LSIs, and mobile phone customisation or product differentiation is possible by means of an on-chip accelerator function, a variety of interfaces, and a mobile phone-oriented power management system.

SuperH is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other regions. PowerVR is a registered trademark of Imagination Technologies, Ltd. of the United Kingdom.

About Renesas Technology Corp.
Renesas Technology Corp. designs and manufactures highly integrated semiconductor system solutions for mobile, automotive and PC and Audio Visual markets. Established on April 1, 2003 as a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TSE:6503) and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Renesas Technology is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world and the number one microcontroller supplier globally. Besides microcontrollers, Renesas Technology offers system-on-chip devices, Smart Card ICs, mixed-signal products, flash memories, SRAMs and more.

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