Ramtron Introduces Highly Integrated FM4005 Processor Companion

5/27/2004 - Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR), the leading supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric semiconductor products, introduced its newest Processor Companion product featuring highly integrated analog and mixed-signal functions for processor-based systems. The FM4005 device combines a real-time clock (RTC), low-VDD reset, watchdog timer, battery-backed event counter, lockable 64-bit serial number area, and general-purpose comparator that can be used for an early power-fail (NMI) interrupt or other purpose. Ramtron’s Processor Companion family, which is the most integrated Ramtron product line developed to date, provides commonly needed system functions for a variety of automotive, consumer, communications, industrial, metering, and computing applications.

Using an advanced 0.35-micron manufacturing process, the FM4005 combines five separate but distinct system functions in a single 14-pin SOIC package, replacing the need for multiple devices on a system board. In addition, the on-chip integration allows the functions to be controlled with a single interface and operate from 2.7 to 5.5V.

“Our Processor Companions address a set of common requirements in systems that collect data,” stated Mike Alwais, Ramtron’s senior vice president of FRAM Products. “The FM4005 provides integrated power management and system support in a single chip for customers of our parallel FRAM memories or other data storage devices.”

The introduction of the FM4005 follows recent announcements of the FM32x and FM31x Processor Companion families. Ramtron now offers nine products in its Processor Companion line of products.

Features of the FM4005 Processor Companion:

Pricing and Availability
FM4005 samples are available in a 14-pin SOIC package, with prices starting at $2.62 for 10,000-piece quantities. For more information about Ramtron products, go to www.ramtron.com

About Ramtron
Ramtron develops and markets patented nonvolatile FRAM memory and FRAM-enabled analog and mixed-signal products. FRAM is a new generation of semiconductor that combines high-performance and low-power operation with the ability to store data in the absence of power. Due to the technology’s unique advantages, FRAM products are expected to revolutionize a variety of electronic consumer and industrial designs.

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