Jaluna/OSware Enables Multiple Operating Systems to Share Hardware

5/26/2004 - Jaluna SA, announced the availability of Jaluna/OSwareTM to support multiple application environments and any included operating system, on the same hardware.

"Manufacturers of network infrastructure products, wireless devices, IP-set-top boxes and other customer premises equipment, need to introduce Linux while continuing to leverage existing applications that rely on legacy real-time operating systems," said Michel Gien, President and CEO of Jaluna SA. "With Jaluna/OSware, we bring the benefits of virtualization to the embedded systems market."

Competitive Advantage
In response to the increasing demand for Linux in embedded systems, Jaluna/OSware deployment saves development costs and reduces time-to-market for equipment manufacturers that need to re-use their existing applications with Linux. In addition, Jaluna/OSware logical partitioning and virtualization technology provides manufacturers and integrators with the ability to mix and match operating systems - all this without introducing additional boards or dedicated processors. This reduces complexity and shortens the bill of materials for their products thus providing a definitive competitive advantage.

"For OEMs looking to adopt Linux, Jaluna/OSware will offer OEMs a path that protects investments in legacy software while migrating to Linux" said Stephen Balacco, Senior Analyst at Venture Development Corporation. "Supporting multiple environments on the same hardware platform will allow OEMs to introduce new products faster and more cost effectively."

Hard Real-Time and Linux
Jaluna/OSware partitioning and virtualization technology preserves the hard real-time characteristics of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) that co-exist and interoperate with Linux on the same hardware.

Multiple OS Domains for Service Combination and Scalability
Jaluna/OSware supports single CPU or multiple CPUs in Shared Memory Multi-Processor (SMP) configurations. These are dedicated or shared between multiple OS domains allowing several Linux instances to be configured as a software-based cluster in order to address the need for multiple service combination and scalability.

High-Availability, Integrity, and Intellectual Property Protection
Jaluna/OSware runs each operating system instance in a different physical memory partition. Operating systems are thus isolated from each other with regard to failures, security breach or possible licensing contamination.

Jaluna/OSware is able to restart an operating system and applications directly from memory following a system failure. This reduces down time, enables fast software upgrades, and improves the availability and integrity of the underlying operating system and application services.

Technical Details
As part of the Jaluna integrated cross-development environment, Jaluna/OSware supports several real-time and/or Linux operating system instances all running on the same single or multiple CPU hardware.

Jaluna/OSware complete execution environment includes:

Jaluna/OSware is available for x86, PPC, and ARM9 processor architectures. It supports Linux kernels 2.4.20 on x86, PPC and ARM, and Linux kernel 2.6 on x86 with any Linux distribution. Porting a RTOS or legacy OS to Jaluna/OSware is as easy as adapting board support package and kernel initialization code.

Flexible Business Model
Jaluna/OSware is available through Risk and Reward Sharing (R&RS) based pricing where a customer pays against actual ROI and shipments.

About Jaluna
Jaluna develops and markets value-added software components and solutions that allow multiple application environments, including the operating system to co-exist and interoperate on the same hardware. This brings legacy application migration, real-time, availability and security to Linux-based network equipment and appliances. Founded by Sun Microsystems Chorus team members, with a wealth of experience in developing and deploying real-time and high availability solutions, Jaluna paves the way for the development of current and next generation network infrastructure and connected devices. www.jaluna.com

Jaluna, the Jaluna Logo, OSware, and C5 are registered trademarks or trademarks of Jaluna SA. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Chorus is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.

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