Kontron Debuts FlexATX Motherboard 886LCD-M/FLEX for Embedded Computers

5/26/2004 - With the launch of the new FlexATX motherboard 886LCD-M/FLEX, Kontron AG has shown the way ahead for embedded computing technology. With a space-saving design (9.0" x 7.5") derived from the ATX form factor from the office world, FlexATX offers the new 6300ESB ICH chipset and the already well-known Intel® Pentium® M processor from the Intel® Centrino® mobile technology family. Together, they make up an extremely fast and powerful PCI-X bus-based platform. In addition, technologies such as serial ATA are finding their way into embedded computer boards.

The main application areas for the FlexATX motherboard are gaming and infotainment, point-of-sales/point-of-information, communications, lotteries and banking. It also finds use in 'classic' applications in industrial PCs or applications requiring sophisticated graphics. Use of Intel embedded components guarantees an availability of at least 5 years.

855GME and 6300ESB ICH
The Intel 855GME Northbridge and the Intel 6300ESB ICH Southbridge are connected to a conventional 32-bit/33MHz PCI bus and a 64-bit/66MHz PCI-X bus. Providing a maximum transfer rate of up to 533 MB/s, the PCI-X bus enables connection of optional gigabit LANs.

The Intel Extreme Graphics 2 integrated into the Intel 855GME Northbridge also runs at 250 MHz, faster than the previous clock speed of 200 MHz. Thanks to the on-board LVDS transmitter for LCD control and the AGP slot, any graphics needs can be met.

Serial ATA
Besides 2 ATA/100 interfaces, 2 serial ATA/150 IDE controllers have been implemented for the first time ever, creating considerable cost and performance advantages. In comparison with parallel ATA technology, serial ATA offers a point-to-point connection, enabling every connected device to utilize the full bandwidth. In addition, hot plugs, small plugs and standard plugs as well as longer cable solutions are available.

Additional features
Apart from incorporating these new technologies, the FlexATX motherboard 886LCD-M/FLEX offers much more than the latest office PC motherboards do including a feature connector with several GPIOs, a watchdog and monitoring functions for temperature and fans, among other things. The following features are offered:

Wide range of processors available
The Socket 478 on the 886LCD-M/FLEX motherboard enables use of the 0.13-micron Intel Pentium M or the Intel Pentium M based on the new 90-nm technology, depending on requirements. An alternative for the cost-conscious is the Intel Celeron® M. Processor powers ranging from 1.1 GHz to 1.6 GHz are currently available. The cache varies from 512 KB (Intel Celeron M) to 2 MB (90-nm Intel Pentium M).

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