Precision Enables Altera Customers to Reach Timing Closure Quicker

5/25/2004 - Engineers designing with Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ: ALTR) Stratix® device family can now quickly achieve performance goals with a high degree of predictability using Mentor Graphics’ Precision® Physical Synthesis tool. With Precision Physical Synthesis’ advanced design analysis, debug, and optimization capabilities, designers have greater visibility into placement and routing when designing with Stratix devices. The total solution of the Precision Physical Synthesis tool and Altera’s Quartus® II design software helps designers achieve higher performance and reach timing closure more quickly in designs targeting Stratix devices.

The Precision Physical Synthesis tool delivers advanced RTL synthesis functionality and enhances these capabilities with physically aware algorithms, such as placement optimization, re-timing, register replication, and re-synthesis. The ability to cross-probe between the timing report, RTL schematic, and physical views allows users to accurately identify performance bottlenecks as well as potential functional issues early in the design. Used with the Quartus II design software, the Precision Physical Synthesis tool helps system-level designers attain timing and design goals with fewer and faster design iterations.

“Traditional RTL synthesis alone cannot take full advantage of advanced FPGAs such as the Stratix device,” said Simon Bloch, general manager, design creation and synthesis division, Mentor Graphics. “Designers need to address design challenges by exploiting physically aware synthesis techniques that are tightly integrated with traditional RTL approaches. The Precision Physical Synthesis tool enables designers to take full advantage of the Stratix devices’ capabilities and deliver best results without lengthy iterations.”

“The combination of the Precision Physical Synthesis tool and the Quartus II design software provides excellent results for Stratix designs,” said Tim Southgate, vice president of software and tools marketing at Altera. “With the Precision Physical Synthesis tool’s detailed knowledge of our FPGA architectures, designers can quickly understand how their design is implemented on the device.”

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