Reasoning Reveals Winners of Software Quality Awards

5/24/2004 - Reasoning Inc., the leading provider of automated software inspection (ASI) services, announced the winners of its 2003 Code Quality Award. Each year Reasoning recognizes 10 organizations that have demonstrated a dedication and commitment to producing high quality software. Introduced last year, Reasoning’s Code Quality Awards recognize customers whose software ranked the highest in overall quality.

A total of 10 companies received the award, including (in alphabetical order): Gambro AB, HP, IBM, NASA, NCR and Vieo. Four other companies, who wished to remain unnamed, also received the award.

Leveraging its software inspection expertise that includes more than 2 billion lines of code examined, Reasoning identified companies whose software code shows a dramatically lower defect density rate when compared to average defect densities contained within its knowledgebase of software inspections. A key indicator of software quality is defect density, which is defined as the number of defects found per thousand lines of source code. Reasoning singled out the top ten companies that achieved a code defect density of better then 0.33 defects per thousand lines of code. In comparison, the average level of defect density for all the software of companies Reasoning inspected in 2003 was 0.60 defects per thousand lines of code.

According to Gartner, a software defect left unfixed until late in the development cycle costs 80 to 1,000 times more to fix than it would if it was dealt with earlier. By incorporating automated software inspections early in the software development cycle and at critical intervals in the development process, companies can significantly cut the cost of finding defects, reduce downtime, and improve overall software quality.

“In today’s business climate, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies that are demanding organizations produce higher quality software,” commented Bill Payne, Reasoning’s President and CEO. “The organizations that we are recognizing today have demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting their customer requirements for building high-quality software.”

About Reasoning Inc.
Reasoning Inc. is the leading provider of automated software inspection services that help development organizations reduce the time and cost involved in finding software defects and security vulnerabilities. The company's business is focused on organizations that develop Java, C, and C++ applications. Reasoning is based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, interested parties can contact Reasoning at 650-316-4400 or at

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