Esterel Technologies and Altia Roll Out SCADE/Altia Design Gateway

5/24/2004 - Esterel Technologies and Altia Inc. announced the release of the SCADE/Altia Design Gateway. The integration of Altia Inc's Altia Design product and Esterel Technologies SCADE product will enable designers to create model-based software specifications in SCADE and a virtual prototyping of this system using Altia Design.

SCADE is the world's leading development tool for the creation of safety-critical embedded software for avionics applications and is the emerging standard in the automotive industry.

Altia Design and its code generator DeepScreen are widely used for the development of visual GUI's that require interactive control and are used to create prototypes with deployable graphics code.

The SCADE/Altia environment will provide editing, simulation, formal verification, basic Altia editing, SCADE-to-Altia components mapping, co-simulation between SCADE and Altia, and code co-generation.

"We are excited about the interactive prototyping and GUI development enabled by the integration of these two products. Designers will now be able to model their critical embedded software in SCADE and then quickly create an elegant and implementable visual virtual prototype with no requirement to learn a graphics language," said Eric Bantegnie, CEO of Esterel Technologies.

"The importance of critical embedded software applications continues to grow. Such software is found in flight control, braking, steering, and a multitude of safety-critical systems. The combination of SCADE with Altia's visualization graphics offer a best-in-class, unique and very useful technology to developers of these systems," commented Mike Juran, President of Altia Inc.

The SCADE/Altia Design Gateway 1.0 is immediately available from Esterel Technologies.

About Esterel Technologies
Esterel Technologies products and services solve the problems of high reliability embedded design creation, validation and verification with complete tool suites supported by the power of abstraction and synchronous languages. Esterel Technologiesí tools create unambiguous specifications that produce correct-by-construction, automated, implementation in software and/or hardware. Today, SCADE SuiteTM is the de-facto standard for the creation of safety-critical embedded software in the civilian avionics industry and SCADE DriveTM is the emerging standard for the creation of critical-embedded software in the automotive industry. Esterel StudioTM allows embedded hardware designers to create a golden specification model that can be automatically implemented in RTL, C or Ada.

Esterel Technologies is a privately held company with headquarters in Mountain View, California USA, and Elancourt, France and offices in Germany, the UK and China. For additional information please contact the Esterel Technologies website at

About Altia
In 1991, four Hewlett Packard embedded systems developers discovered a need for graphics tools to prototype, test and deploy instrumentation front panels. These engineers spun-off and founded Altia to develop products to meet this need. Altia's mission is to simplify the process for developing embedded systems graphics by providing a cohesive set of graphics development tools that can be used from concept to final code. This simplification minimizes the amount of graphics that are thrown away as developers move through the cycles in the development process. With Altia's tools, embedded programmers can build graphics much faster and cheaper and ultimately raise the quality of the embedded user interface. More than 2,000 licenses of the company's flagship product, Altia Design, have been sold worldwide.

Altia, Inc. is located at 5030 Corporate Plaza Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80919. Tel: 719-598-4299, Fax: 719-598-4392, Web:

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