BivarOpto Unveils Surface Mount RGB LEDs for Flexible Light Pipes

5/24/2004 - BivarOptoTM, the Optoelectronics Division of Bivar, Inc., has introduced a new RGB (red, green, blue) Surface Mounted LED exclusively designed for use with the company's patented Flexible Light Pipes (FLP Series). This creates a new, one-step design and installation solution while offering unlimited display colors and lighting versatility in a device that eliminates the need for through-hole PCBs typically required for installation of light pipes. This unique method offers a complete light source from point of origin to instrument or display panels, whether local or remote.

Available in RGB and bi-color styles, this new SMPT RGB Series significantly expands the benefits of using Bivar's original award-winning FLP series, which introduced a two-piece flexible light pipe system capable of transmitting the light from an LED to a display panel up to 100m [328'] away. The SMPT Series eliminates not only the need for PCB through-holes, but also the costly secondary post-reflow operations by integrating the adapter and LED into a single surface-mountable package that is compatible with all modern, automated pick-and-place equipment.

Each SMPT RGB module can be used as an individual full color pixel in fixed or moving messages, providing the designer with a brilliant LED display capable of being extended from 2.5" to 100m (328 feet) via the FLP mono-fiber. The SMPT RGB Series incorporates the same leadframe and footprint as BivarOpto's Pix-Tek Series, employing the use of three individually addressable LED die. Each LED chip shares the basic optics, reflector and lens, creating an all-in-one SMT LED package with solderable tabs for SMT mounting. Each LED is encapsulated in 94V-O polycarbonate, which provides strength and rigidity, allowing press-fit installation of FLPs.

The SMPT RGB Series offers a new design methodology for a wide variety of applications, including status indicators for office equipment, industrial controls, scientific and medical displays, cPCI-based systems and telecommunications.

Provided on tape and reel in quantities of 500, this innovative configuration complements all surface mount device (SMD) assembly processes and automated insertion plant equipment. The SMT-based housing measures only 0.218” diameter, within the industry-standard SMT footprint. Height is less than 0.296”. Directing light transmission through the FLP, the housing itself is also illuminated by the LED color, providing an easily locatable source at board level.

“The SMPT RGB Series creates a truly remarkable design solution for dynamic color display, while simultaneously lowering the cost for PCB manufacturing and assembly,” said Anthony Vilgiate, Vice President, Strategic Business Development. “This also creates a major new avenue of use for our FLP Series of Flexible Light Pipes, where the designer can easily transport virtually any color of light to any desirable location, and still maintain the features and benefits of a 100% SMD solution”.

The SMPT RGB LED will be provided on tape and reel in 500-piece quantities and priced from $0.80 each in production quantities, immediately available from stock. For more information, contact Bivar, Inc. at 1-800-772-2377, or visit

About Bivar, Inc.
Bivar has established an industry-leading position in the electronic PCB assembly and hardware industry, providing low-cost solutions for problems associated with the assembly and manufacturing process. Founded in 1965, Bivar has continually developed unique designs for the installation of PCB-mounted devices and the packaging of PCBs in enclosures and systems. In January 2004, Bivar opened "BivarAsia", with manufacturing and customer service facilities in the city of Dong Guang, in the People's Republic of China, expanding their global capabilities with immediate product and service support. Bivar's Optoelectronics Division, BivarOptoTM, features the world's largest selections of LED mounts and assemblies, and innovative LED devices, while the Bivar Enclosure and PCB Assembly Hardware Group provides an extensive selection of permanent mounts and wash-away spacers, PCB packaging products and hardware for use in the manufacturing process. Bivar obtained ISO9000 certification in 1998 supporting the company's commitment to high quality products and customer service. For more information or to receive a catalog, contact Bivar, Inc., 4 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618-2593; Tel: (949) 951-8808; Fax: (949) 951-3974; e-mail:; Internet:

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