Solaris OS x86 Systems Growing Dramatically in Asia Pacific

5/24/2004 - Continuing to deliver on its promise to provide high-performance, affordable systems, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced dramatic growth in Asia Pacific in software application availability on the Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS). The move underscores Sun's strategy to provide the market's most widely adopted UNIX(R) operating system--Solaris OS--with its rock solid security and enterprise-class features, at highly competitive prices. Sun will sponsor a Solaris x86 Partner Pavilion at the upcoming SunNetwork(SM) 2004 Conference in Shanghai, PRC, 2-3, June. Partners will showcase their Solaris OS solutions and attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Sun technical and sales representatives at the event.

"As the momentum in Asia proves, Sun is raising the stakes for enterprise-class functionality on AMD and Intel processor-based x86 systems, and with Sun's vast network of partners around the globe, we're predicting explosive growth of Solaris on x86 systems to satisfy demand in the $30 billion low-cost computing market," said Stuart Wells, senior vice president, market development, Sun Microsystems. "Our bet is on Solaris and the basic laws of economics: Side-by-side, Solaris OS and x86 systems are priced less than the competition, and provide the enterprise class quality, performance and scalability that our customers and partners demand."

In China, five independent software vendors have recently committed to support the Solaris OS x86, including Excellence Network Co., iESLab, Neusoft, Runqian, and UFSoft.

"Sun's platform and technology has won public praise in the field of public power systems. Teaming with Sun will help us leverage the advanced technology of the Solaris, and with the price/performance advantage of Sun's x86-based systems, win more customers," said Sun YuJun, ShanDong Luneng Jicheng Electronics Co. Ltd. (iESLab) marketing manager.

"By teaming with Sun, we have paved a win-win path for both our customers and ourselves. Solaris x86 allows us to develop more robust applications for our users and can assist us in employing Sun's leading technology to provide value-added service for our customers," said Liu YongSheng, assistant president and director of Customer Service Centre, Excellence Network Co. Ltd.

In Southern Asia, six more independent software vendors will soon offer solutions on Solaris x86-based systems, including EcQuaria, ECnet Ltd., and WizVision Pte Ltd., located in Singapore, and Jaatayu Software, Lasersoft, and Transversal e Networks Pvt. Ltd., based in India.

"ECnet and Sun have fostered a good partner relationship over the past five years. We are pleased to be working with Sun as it offers a full suite of both hardware and software services, with excellent support from its management and technical team," said Daniel Loh, vice president, Global Sales & Marketing, ECnet Limited.

"WizVision's Wiz-ePay technology allows for a wide range of enterprise-class transaction processing, routing, and management solutions for our customers in the financial services and telecommunications industries," said Ng Chong Yang, vice president of Sales and Business. "Wiz-ePay technology on Solaris for x86-based systems is a premier offering in terms of price-performance ratio, security, scalability, reliability, and availability."

"Sun's Solaris x86-based systems are designed to deliver carrier class reliability, security, availability and manageability, and we are pleased to team with Sun to port our jMMSC on the x86 platform," said Raj Kesarimall, director of Marketing, Jataayu Software. "Jataayu's jMMSC for Solaris x86 provides customers with a solution to rapidly launch multimedia-messaging services. The combined solution brings value to mobile network operators, portals and ASPs by reducing their total-cost-of-ownership for messaging services, without compromising performance or reliability."

Three other Solaris x86 supporters in Asia include Bright Software and Universal Defence in Australia, and IMAZIC in Korea.

"By teaming with Sun, Universal Defence was able to provide innovative law enforcement, investigation and intelligence solutions on Sun's Solaris/SPARC(R) systems, traditionally favored by our target markets. As we are now also providing support for our solutions on Sun's Solaris OS x86 platform, we in turn are able to offer more flexibility in choice of deployment," said Umar Goldeli, Universal Defence managing director.

"We believe the Sun platform provides all of the necessary hardware and software infrastructure for enterprises to operate their businesses--securely and confidently--knowing they have the most robust and reliable platform available," said Muharrem Bilgin, technical director, Bright Software.

The following six iForce(SM) development partners have completed their porting process, and are able to deploy solutions today:

Availability of the following market leading solutions on Solaris x86 is expected by third quarter 2004, and includes:

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