Sun Fire Dual Node V440 Sets World Record with Sybase IQ Multiplex 12.5

5/21/2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., the creator and leading advocate of Java[tm] technology, announced another world record benchmark, demonstrating its leadership in delivering cost-effective data warehouse solutions. Performance tests of Sybase IQ Multiplex 12.5 running on two Sun Fire[tm] V440 servers in a clustered configuration, Sun StorEdge[tm] arrays and the industry-leading Solaris[tm] 9 Operating System (OS) have established the best price performance and lowest total cost of ownership for 8-way systems. The rack-optimized, low-cost SPARC[R]/ Solaris servers outperformed the competitive offerings from Hewlett-Packard and IBM. On other Sun platforms, Sun leads the industry on the best price-performance ever published on the TPC-H at 100GB and 300GB. This industry standard benchmark represents ad-hoc queries and is representative of the real-world decision support and data warehousing applications.

Sun's high performing systems lead the industry in delivering a data center environment at the lowest available cost, bringing enterprise-strength data processing power to customers. Leveraging Sybase IQ Multiplex software which enables a fault tolerant environment, Sun can provide customers with redundancy in every component (servers, HBAs, cables, disks) and no single point of failure. While other vendors may have hundreds of points of failure, adding layers of complexity to unrealistic configurations at much greater price points, the results of Sun's real-world benchmark simulation proves the distinct advantages of a simplified, low-cost data center environment that achieves the highest levels of availability. Sun has a long-standing relationship with Sybase in delivering data center solutions, which includes the Sun Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture to address customers' scalability and manageability needs while maintaining simplicity and investment protection.

Sybase IQ has a highly scalable analytical engine, designed specifically from the ground up for unsurpassed query performance and the lowest total cost of ownership for analytical applications. Unlike traditional databases, Sybase IQ is architected for analytics -- not transactions -- with a column-based structure and patented indexing that make it the pertinent choice for data warehousing.

The Sun Fire V440 cluster beat the HP Proliant DL in price performance offering by 7 percent, and the IBM eServer xSeries 445 by 39 percent. Sun outperformed offerings by HP and IBM in Total System Cost over a three year period by 29 percent and 72 percent, respectively.

The benchmark was performed on two 4-way 1.28 GHz UltraSPARC[r] IIIi processor-based Sun Fire V440 systems with 16 GB of memory, running Solaris 9 OS and Sybase IQ Multiplex 12.5. The systems also utilized one Sun StorEdge[tm] 3310 SCSI disk array with total storage capacity of 1359.7 GB. Available today, the systems delivered 3090.9 QphH@300GB at a price performance of $40/QphH@300GB.

While Sun's system contained zero points of failure, competitive offerings from HP and IBM each had more than 150 points of failure per system.

About TPC-H
Established by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), the TPC-H benchmark is an industry-standard Decision Support test designed to measure systems' capability to examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions. The TPC-H benchmark evaluates a composite performance metric (QphH@size) and a price/performance metric $/QphH@size) that measure the performance of various decision support systems by the execution of sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions.

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