RTI Joins Eclipse Foundation by Plugging in ScopeTools

5/20/2004 - RTI, maker of the embedded industry's most popular dynamic debugging and visualization tools, announced it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an add-in provider.

"The Eclipse Foundation continues to gain momentum as leading tool vendor RTI joins the fold and announces major product line support for Wind River and MontaVista" said Skip McGaughey, Eclipse Foundation Spokesperson. "RTI has been delivering quality product solutions for many years and we're delighted these will be available for Eclipse".

Earlier this year RTI announced new agreements with embedded market leaders Wind River and MontaVista who will integrate RTI ScopeTools with their new Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDEs) and their embedded platform products. "Developer productivity takes a great leap forward with Eclipse. Now we are better able to automate the workflow with plug-in tools that share data and services at each step in the development process" said Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI.

Two new industry standards make it possible for RTI to bring these popular tools to a much broader range of developers. First, tools that are built for the Eclipse architecture can readily plug-in to Eclipse-based IDEs on Windows, Linux or Solaris development hosts. This makes it easier for tools suppliers to develop cross-platform products. Second, the growing popularity of Linux for embedded applications provides a standard set of target platforms around which RTI can focus its tools development efforts. For developers this will mean a wider choice of tools and a better integrated, more productive work experience.

"The lack of quality software development tools for embedded developers using the Linux operating system has often been cited as an issue", said Stephen Balacco, embedded software analyst, VDC. "By integrating RTI ScopeTools with their Linux product lines, MontaVista and Wind River are providing their customers the professional quality tools they need to optimize system and application performance and reliability."

The RTI ScopeTools provide sophisticated performance analysis and debugging capabilities for today's complex embedded applications. RTI ScopeTools is a suite of five powerful tools, StethoScope - the original real-time data monitor, ProfileScope - the dynamic profiler, and MemScope - the real-time memory analyzer, TraceScope - the execution-flow tracer, and CoverageScope - the code coverage analyzer. The tools allow developers to monitor an embedded system while it is running, help create more optimized systems, and ensure high-quality applications. With these tools developers can eliminate memory leaks and make a system reliable, understand where the processor spends time, graphically visualize variables in real-time to locate glitches, see call parameters, return values, and call stacks of any function to find race conditions, and provide details of code coverage to find untested code.

The original RTI ScopeTool, StethoScope has shipped with Wind River's products since 1992. Since then, thousands of VxWorks developers have used the growing ScopeTools family to hunt down the trickiest bugs and squeeze the best performance out of every kind of real-time and embedded application.

About RTI
RTI (Real-Time Innovations, www.rti.com) provides software tools, middleware, and professional services for distributed real-time systems and embedded applications. For over 10 years, with more than 10,000 seats in use, the ScopeTools product line has been helping embedded system developers produce higher quality, more reliable solutions. The NDDS middleware and tools provide seamless communications and comprehensive tools for distributed, real-time system builders. Our customers span the embedded software industry from aerospace and defense, through networking and communications, to industrial automation and consumer electronics.

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