Kontron Drives Out CV-Server for On-road Automotive Applications

5/19/2004 - CV-Server is Kontron's latest PC-based computer system for commercial on-road automotive applications. Compact and robust, it includes smart UPS features, enhanced temperature control, fast and fool-proof quick-lock plug mechanisms and enough interfaces to support a variety of complex application solutions.

The housing, connectors and integrated UPS are all designed to guarantee continual and stable operation - even in the most rugged in-vehicle environments where dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and an unreliable power supply would otherwise cause major problems. The powerful compact, dust-protected aluminium chassis requires minimal mounting space and can be located almost anywhere within the vehicle, fitting easily under seats and in compartments.

The integrated UPS battery guarantees continual operation during breaks in the power supply - a common in-vehicle occurrence. A short interruption of the power supply when starting the engine can cause a sudden system outage, in which case the driver is faced with a system re-start. The worst-case scenario would be irreparable file system damage and the need for repair services. The standard UPS feature ensures security and continuity of operation.

Should long-term loss of the power supply occur, the UPS cleverly shuts down both the application and operating system. If a driver leaves the vehicle without closing down the PC, the UPS does the job in the driver's absence.

All Small Server connectors are shake-proof and form-coded. The quick-lock mechanism enables plugs to be exchanged within seconds and without tools - with no bolts or screws to have to deal with, installation and exchange are quick and easy. Eery connector is designed differently, so interfaces cannot be connected incorrectly.

Kontron's CPU module enables easy CPU performance upgrades - be they low-end solutions using a 400MHz PIII CPU, or high-end solutions based on the new Pentium-M CPU. It is located directly beside the cooling unit, in the perfect place to negate the effects of heat generation. Heat is distributed across a wide area so as to enable the CPU to operate in more extreme temperatures. The temperature control system guarantees continuous operation both in deep winter (down to -20C) and high summer (up to +60C).

The system is equipped with 4 serial interfaces, 6 USB ports and 1 LAN port - enough interfaces to support complex application solutions. The powerful (and fanless) PC enables easy communication with external devices (such as cash/ticketing systems, driver identification systems, passenger information terminals) and can work in parallel with digital and analogue I/O signal monitors, wireless modems and global positioning systems.

Two parallel VGA outputs enable information to be displayed in two different locations within the same vehicle. The single base platform offers full office application support and allows users to watch footage from video cameras connected to the USB ports and to play back movies.

The Kontron Group is the world's leading embedded computer solutions company and has been developing first-class in-vehicle PC systems for over 7 years.

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