Kontron Offers Panel PCs from 10.4 to 19 Inches

5/19/2004 - Kontron AG introduces its new but well-established Panel PC lines, recently acquired from the company formerly known as ROI Computer AG. This acquisition, guaranteeing the long-term availability of these systems for customers, has nearly doubled Kontron's available range of Panel PCs and HMI systems. With a total of 35 variants, the HMI portfolio can be delivered with countless configuration options - for example, with field buses such as CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus or Multidrop bus - and customization possibilities, from individually designed front plates to redesigned CPU boards.

New to the portfolio are the Business Class and Economy Class Panel PCs, which received a makeover reflecting Kontron's corporate design and new components to optimize Group-wide sales charges. In addition, a 17" system (Business Panel 170) was added in response to the current explosion in industry demand for 17" systems - especially for shop floor and infotainment solutions - following the increasing demand in the office market. The software support packages were extended and worldwide aftersales service and support for these systems were secured for the first time ever.

The Economy Class offers integrated field buses and scalable CPU modules
The field buses integrated on board (CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Multidrop bus and Ethernet) enable direct entry to the field level. Optimal shock and vibration resistance as well as thermal stability and compliance with stricter EMC requirements are standard features on this 100% industry-capable Panel PC. In addition, Kontron provides a five-year availability guarantee with full system responsibility. Eco Panels can be scaled from 10.4" to 15".

The high-performance Business Class was developed especially for office-like shop floor and infotainment applications The Business Class systems, with Intel® Pentium® or Celeron® processors, are compact, computer-assisted, high-performance human-machine interfaces designed to handle harsh industrial conditions. Their compact size reflects the limited space that is available when they are being integrated into machines, equipment or control cabinets. The 100% industry-capable, scalable Business Class Panel PCs with 10", 12", 15", 17" or 19" displays meet the toughest shock, vibration and temperature resistance requirements. Compliance with stringent EMC regulations is an integral feature of these systems. Two extra PCI slots enable customer-specific system extensions.

Technical features

Kontron's HMI and IPC portfolio
Apart from these two new Panel PC product lines, Kontron offers all imaginable HMI solutions for embedded computer technology - from smart displays and microclients through rack-mount PCs with connectors for displays to KVM switches for server farms. Customized solutions can easily be created using a multitude of embedded boards and graphics adapters. If you cannot find the off-the-shelf solution you require, just ask us! As the world's leading supplier in the field of embedded computer technology, Kontron has the resources to rapidly translate customer needs and desires into new standard products or customized solutions.

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