Celoxica and IPFlex Debut C-based Synthesis for DAPDNA Processor

5/18/2004 - Celoxica Ltd. and IPFlex Inc. announced an alliance to extend Celoxica C-based synthesis technology to the IPFlex Digital Application Processor/Distributed Network Architecture (DAPDNA) dynamically reconfigurable processor technology. The alliance has already resulted in a C-language to reconfigurable hardware compiler based on Celoxica technology. The compiler provides a high-productivity design environment for developing applications on DAPDNA hardware.

The IPFlex DAPDNA-FW II version 2.3 integrated development environment, including the new compiler, will be demonstrated in the Celoxica exhibit space, Booth 1345, at the Design Automation Conference on 7-11 June 2004 in San Diego, California.

IPFlex was founded to solve the often-conflicting concepts of software flexibility and hardware performance. The company's DAPDNA technology enables systems described in software languages, such as C, to be implemented in silicon devices with performance equivalent to custom-designed chips, with a combination of its FW II design tool and the DAPDNA-2 dynamically reconfigurable processor. Celoxica develops EDA tools for system design and the technology behind their DK Design Suite is the state-of-the-art solution for compilation of C-based languages to reconfigurable hardware.

“The application of Celoxica compilation technology to the IPFlex dynamically reconfigurable architecture is an exciting and natural extension of our core capability,” said Celoxica CEO Phil Bishop. “Both companies are dedicated to the rapid implementation of software algorithms into high-performance dynamically reconfigurable hardware. Celoxica brings the hardware compilation technology and the system tools focus that will extend and maintain the system design flow for IPFlex users.”

“This alliance enhances the IPFlex design tool and gives us the most efficient implementation path for C-based applications,” said Tomoyoshi Sato, IPFlex CTO. “Developers can use C language descriptions to target the DAPDNA-2 dynamically reconfigurable processor and achieve immediate results in silicon with performance comparable to custom devices. I believe that this feature will dramatically reduce the development cost.”

About Celoxica
An innovator in system-level electronic design automation (EDA), Celoxica supplies the design technology, IP and services that define Software-Compiled System Design, a methodology that exploits higher levels of design abstraction to dramatically improve silicon design productivity. Celoxica’s products address hardware/software partitioning, co-verification and C-based synthesis to reconfigurable hardware. Established in 1996, Celoxica offers a proven route from complex software algorithms to hardware, and provides an ideal design environment for reconfigurable electronics with significant productivity advantages for digital signal processing applications such as imaging, electronic security and communications. For sales enquiries contact: Americas – sales.americas@celoxica.com; APAC – sales.apac@celoxica.com; Europe, Middle East, Africa – sales.emea@celoxica.com.

About IPFlex
IPFlex develops dynamically reconfigurable processors and its integrated development software. Dynamically reconfigurable processor based on Digital Application Processor/Distribute Network Architecture (DAPDNA) is designed as a dual-core processor comprised of a high-performance RISC core and a dynamic reconfigurable processor core, and it is a platform that provides hardware performance while maintaining software flexibility. The DAPDNA dynamic reconfigurable processor series is provided with the DAPDNA-FW II as the integrated software development environment. It provides compilers for algorithms written in MATLAB/Simulink and C with data flow extension, thus realizing high-abstraction level algorithm design and leveraging existing intellectual properties of users. Using DAPDNA can dramatically increase programming productivity and cut cost considerably. For more information, please visit: http://www.ipflex.com.

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