Evalue Introduces XQure Digital Surveillance Recorder with 16 Cameras

5/17/2004 - Evalue presents its latest product, the XQure Digital Surveillance Recorder (DSR) series incorporating MPEG-4 technology and 16 cameras with real-time 480 fps recording. Packed in a streamlined metal housing at 387mm x 71mm x 264mm (W x H x D), the XQure series is the World’s smallest DVR among its kind of 16-channel DVR. Powered by low power Intel® Pentium® M platform, it consumes only 40% power of any common DVR. The XQure also features simultaneous live or playback viewing on site or via Internet, combined with event alarming, POS function, multi recording mode and motion detection with programmable areas and sensitivity for individual camera.

Power saving, Longevity & Reliability
XQure DVR adopts industrial system board to ensure its value-added functionality and stability. Applying Intel® Pentium® M solution, Evalue’s XQure only uses up to 39.2W and substantially reduces power consumption to 40% of that of available DVRs at equivalent performance. Built with industrial system board, XQure is endowed with extended product longevity up to 5 years, as well as improved dust-proof, shock-resistant and optimal thermal design. These and other hardware features enable XQure DVR to easily outrace its competitors.

Power Consumption Comparison (16-camera operation at 480 fps)

Common DVREvalue XQure
Display57.1W34.5W (saves 40% power)
Record102.3W39.2W (saves 60% power)

Web Enabled Software
The XQure supports up to 16 video inputs for color or B/W cameras at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 (NTSC/PAL) with real-time synchronized audio and video recording on all channels at 30 frames per second in MPEG-4 mode, which reduces image sizes and offers longer recording time without sacrificing image quality.

Through integrated remote control software and dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, the XQure offers seamless web-based auto protection mechanism and powerful multiple I/O co-active functions. In addition to control PTZ camera and recording condition, it can also set up alarm condition and notice modes individually. Not only the camera will start to record when one sensitive point is triggered or motion detection is activated, but also co-activates other cameras to begin synchronized recording. It additionally can activate other automating controls such as opening or closing a door, turning an alarm on or off for tighter security mechanism to fulfill client’s safety standards.

POS System Integration
All XQure models can integrate a third party POS system. They can record, transmit, and search video data by date, time, transaction keyword and event, or even compare transaction data to video event to identify fraud or unintended operational error. Other primary functions include remote alarm notification via e-mail and dial-out, smart search support, object counter and multi-level password control.

The XQure platforms come in standard with a built-in CompactFlash socket, a PCMCIA slot for Wireless possible connection, one RS-232, one RS-232/422/485, four USB 2.0 ports and optional Gigabit Ethernet port for additional extensions. Moreover, onboard Watchdog timer enables the system to reboot and resume recording automatically when the power is recovered from power failure.

Combining advanced web-enabled software, system integration and synchronized audio and video recording features, the XQure truly stands out among competing products. Evalue provides 4-/8-16-channel DVR solutions based on cost-effective Intel® Pentium® 4 / Pentium® III platforms. For more product information, please contact our sales representatives or visit our web site at http://www.evalue-tech.com.

Key Features

About Evalue
Evalue Technology Inc. describes itself as an innovator of Applied Computing Solutions. The company designs, manufactures and integrates variety of hardware and software platforms for various computing systems. The company's mission is to provide innovative modular computing solutions to maximize customer's competitiveness with ahead-of-market delivery. For more product information, visit http://www.evalue-tech.com/evalueweb/products/specifications/DSR-1630.cfm, or www.evalue-tech.com. For further contact, please write to sales@evalue-tech.com

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