Denali Exercises PCI Express Designs with PureSuite Verification Suite

5/17/2004 - Denali Software, Inc., introduced PureSuiteTM, a comprehensive verification suite that exercises PCI Express designs and measures both compliance with the PCI Express specification and interoperability with other PCI Express designs. PureSuite, together with Denali’s popular PureSpec verification IP product, provides a completely automated solution for functional verification of PCI Express designs. The PureSuite product enables designers to dramatically reduce the time and risk associated with functional verification, a task which regularly consumes over 70 percent of the entire chip development cycle.

"Interface verification is a market Denali intends to own and dominate," says Sanjay Srivastava, chief executive officer (CEO) of Denali, the leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) products for chip interface design and verification. "We achieved overwhelming market share with our verification IP products for PCI Express and memory interfaces, and now we are further extending the solution with PureSuite. We will use this successful platform to deliver verification solutions for other chip interfaces."

PureSuite contains a comprehensive suite of several thousand pre-built tests for exercising specific PCI Express functionality and corner cases, including all items defined in the Compliance Checklist document from the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG). PureSuite leverages Denali’s PureSpec verification IP to automatically select and configure individual tests based on the specific PCI Express device configuration for the design under test, and other PCI Express devices in the system. The ability to generate and execute thousands of specialized tests based on the specific PCI Express devices in the system provides a dramatic reduction in risk and time to market for the overall chip verification.

The Market
As system on chip (SoC) design complexity continues to grow, the verification effort needed to validate the correct functionality of these devices expands even more rapidly. The fact that functional verification today consumes more than 70 percent of design cycle time represents a crisis for the electronics industry. The verification problem only gets worse as today’s chip designs begin to incorporate more and more new interfaces, including complex serial protocols like PCI Express and Serial ATA. Interface verification is rapidly becoming the most significant bottleneck in SoC design. Chip designers require specialized solutions to verify compliance with complex protocol standards and interoperability with other devices in the end product or system.

Introducing PureSuite
Denali’s PureSuite covers the entire PCI Express specification written by the PCI- SIG. With a suite of thousands of pre-defined tests, PureSuite is able to fully measure specification coverage of PCI Express interface verification designs against the PCI-SIG compliance checklist. All aspects of the specification are tested and covered –– from physical layer, data link, transaction layer and configuration space, to initialization and power management –– with compliant traffic and non-compliant traffic to measure error recovery capabilities.

Each individual test is designed to cover specific checklist items, and each test includes a detailed description of purpose, assumptions, scenario, expected result and corresponding PCI-SIG checklist item number. Tests can be driven from the BFM within PureSpec across the PCI Express link toward the design under test, or can be initiated from the application interface of the design under test. PureSuite automatically maintains a cumulative report of compliance results listing the pass/fail status for all tests executed with the design. Denali will exhibit at the 41st Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Booth Number 1945 from Monday, June 7, through Wednesday, June 9, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif.

About Denali Software, Inc.
Denali Software Inc. is the world’s leading provider of EDA tools and Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) solutions for chip interface design, integration and verification. PureSpec is the industry leading solution for verifying compliance and interoperability for PCI Express designs. Denali’s Databahn memory controller cores are licensed for use in over 80 chips and provide designers with the highest quality solution for interfacing with all new and emerging high-performance memory technologies. Denali’s MMAV product is the de facto industry standard for modeling and simulating memory during all phases of design and verification. Memory selection, memory controller configuration, and memory system performance analysis are supported through Denali’s online infrastructure at More than 400 companies worldwide use Denali’s tools, technology, and services to design and verify complex chip interfaces for communication, consumer, and computer products. For more information, visit Denali at Or, contact Denali by phone at: (650) 461-7200, or email:

The Denali logo, Databahn, eMemory, MMAV, and PureSpec are trademarks of Denali Software Inc. RPCI Express is a trademark of PCI-SIG.

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