Rambus, Denali Offer Complete DDR Memory Controller Design Solutions

5/17/2004 - Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq:RMBS), a leading developer of chip interface products and services, and Denali Software, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and electronic design automation (EDA) tools for chip interface design and verification, announced plans to jointly provide DDR memory controller design solutions. Combining Rambus drop-in DDR interface cells with Denaliís Databahn DDR controller IP provides chip designers with an integrated design environment that will reduce risk and improve time to market when developing and verifying DDR memory controller interfaces.

"Increasing memory speeds and new memory architectures are only two of the critical issues engineers have to worry about when designing a memory system," said Rich Warmke, director of marketing of the Memory Interface Division at Rambus. "Denali has generated significant momentum in the DDR controller space and partnering with them allows us to provide our customers with proven, configurable solutions that make it easier for engineers to develop high-performance memory systems."

Denali memory controllers and Rambus DDR1/DDR2 interface cells easily integrate together into complete memory solutions on customersí designs. Rambus is providing a new family of DDR memory controller interfaces, including mainstream DDR1 and DDR2 up to 800MHz data rates and graphics DDR, including GDDR1, GDDR2, and GDDR3 up to 1600MHz data rates. Rambus DDR memory controller interface cells are full-featured drop-in physical layer (PHY) cells. The interface cells use proven technology that allow customers to dramatically improve time to market, minimize design risk and avoid potential re-spin costs. Rambus also offers system engineering services to further accelerate time to market, and ensure the interface operates at high frequency in the system environment. The solution is additionally supported with Denaliís verification IP products for simulating and verifying the memory system before implementation in silicon.

"Weíre pleased to be able to help our customers reduce risk and overall development time through our alliance with Rambus," said Mike McKeon, director of strategic products at Denali. "Denaliís silicon-proven Databahn controllers, combined with Rambusís interface cells, is ideal for customers who need maximum speed and reliability, and minimum design risk for their memory interfaces."

Details of the joint DDR memory system solution will be presented at the MemCon event starting today in Westford, Massachusetts. The full-day event is focused on DDR2 systems and technology, and features exclusive presentations from Denali, Rambus, and 9 other memory companies. Registration is free to industry professionals online at: www.memcon.com.

Additional information about the Rambus family of DDR memory controller interfaces can be found online at www.rambus.com/products/ddr. More information about Denaliís Databahn memory controllers and memory verification IP can be accessed on Denaliís Web site at www.denali.com

About Rambus Inc.
Rambus is one of the worldís leading providers of advanced chip-to-chip interface products and services. Since its founding in 1990, the companyís innovations, breakthrough technologies and integration expertise have helped industry-leading chip and system companies solve their most challenging and complex I/O problems and bring their products to market. Rambusís interface solutions can be found in numerous computing, consumer, and communications products and applications. Rambus is headquartered in Los Altos, Calif., with regional offices in the United States, Taiwan and Japan. Additional information is available at www.rambus.com.

About Denali Software, Inc.
Denali Software Inc. is the world's leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) solutions for chip interface design, integration, and verification. More than 400 companies worldwide use Denali's tools, technology, and services to design and verify complex chip interfaces for communication, consumer, and computer products. Corporate headquarters are located at: 1850B Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. For more information, visit Denali at www.denali.com. Or, contact Denali by phone at: (650) 461-7200, or email: info@denali.com.

The Denali logo, Databahn, eMemory, MMAV, and PureSpec are trademarks of Denali Software Inc. Rambus is a registered trademark of Rambus Inc.

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