Ironwood Debuts LA-BGA-MPC7457-Z-B-01 Logic Analyzer Adapter

5/17/2004 - Ironwood Electronics’ LA-BGA-MPC7457-Z-B-01 Logic Analyzer Adapter which allows high-speed operation simultaneously enabling system analysis using an Agilent 16700B Logic Analyzer System. Software analysis is accomplished with the Agilent E9614A inverse assembler. Ironwood Electronics is an Agilent Partner developing high-speed interfaces for processors and peripheral IC’s.

Features of the LA-BGA-MPC7457-Z-B-01 include shortest possible trace length for maximum speed, low inductance, low capacitance and at least one decoupling capacitor at each VDD, OVDD and GVDD pin of the MPC7457 processor. These decoupling (0.01uF and 0.1uF) capacitors receive their power from separate VDD, OVDD/GVDD, and GND power planes, utilizing short traces to minimize inductance. Several bulk storage capacitors valued 330uF are also placed on the PCB, feeding VDD, OVDD and GVDD planes, enabling quick recharging of the smaller chip capacitors.

Ironwood’s LA-BGA-MPC7457-Z-B-01 Logic Analyzer Adapter consists of two parts. The surface mount foot is soldered to the target system board in place of BGA483, 1.27mm pitch, 22X22 array, 29mmX29mm body using standard BGA soldering methods. The probe board plugs into the SMT base and employs a PCB with power planes to deliver all data, address, control, and clock signals to Agilent specific Mictor connectors. The MPC7457 chip is socketed onto the probe board with a GHz bandwidth BGA ZIF socket. When assembled the user configures the Agilent Logic analyzer for analysis and disassembly of the MPC7457 System.

The LA-BGA-MPC7445-Z-B-01 adapter is priced at $2,620 USD in quantities of 1-10 parts, with a lead-time of 5 days. The component parts are also available individually. For more information on this product please contact:

Ironwood Electronics, Inc.
990 Lone Oak Rd., Suite 120
St. Paul, MN 55121
Tel: 651-452-8100 or (800) 404 – 0204
Fax: (651) 452 – 8400

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