PowerDsine Debuts PD64004 4-Channel Power over Ethernet System Chip

5/13/2004 - PowerDsine®, a pioneer in Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, has announced the new PD64004 4-Channel Power over Ethernet Manager developed jointly with Motorola. The four-port PD64004 will join the 12-port PD64012, broadening PowerDsine's offerings of PoE solutions on Integrated Circuits (ICs).

The four-port IEEE 802.3af-compliant chip is the latest product to emerge from PowerDsine's PoE market focus and innovation and Motorola's SMARTMOS8TM technology. The new chip integrates power, analog and advanced digital logic functions into one device. Its use in low-port count Ethernet switches, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) routers and midspans allows next generation network devices to share power and data over the same cable.

"Power over Ethernet, now gaining acceptance in VoIP and wireless LAN enterprise installation, is required in more and more markets," said Igal Rotem, President and CEO of PowerDsine. "The PD64004 will be cost effective enough for implementation in markets where cost must be kept to a minimum, such as small office and home office routers."

Implications on Several Markets
The PD64004 4-port Power over Ethernet Manager is designed by PowerDsine and Motorola to minimize the number of required external components and reduce overall system costs. As with the PD64012, PowerDsine succeeded in reducing the number of components by 80% compared to its previous generations of PoE solutions, simplifying router and switch vendors' test procedures and improving reliability.

"With over 25 shipping routers and more then 35 new design wins from major Ethernet switch manufacturers, PowerDsine is determined to provide our current and new customers with the best and most cost-effective PoE solution on the market," said Mr. Rotem. "The PD64004 further illustrates our commitment to focus on new Power over Ethernet markets and continues PowerDsine's tradition of delivering the most innovative, efficient and cost effective technology to new markets."

The PD64004 shares with the PD64012 its embedded power management, enabling Ethernet switches and SOHO routers to use their power supply much more efficiently, enabling manufacturers to significantly reduce cost of the power supply unit since each piece of silicon requires only four external components per port.

The PD64004 can be used together with the PD64012 in any combination, enabling switch manufacturers to create autonomous self-maintained PoE designs from 4 to 48 ports, with detection, real-time protection and AC or DC disconnection.

Product Availability
Samples of the PD64004 4-Channel PoE Manager are expected in the third quarter of 2004. Production for shipment is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2004. The device is fully IEEE 802.3af-2003 compliant and also works with pre-standard proprietary solutions.

About Power over Ethernet Technology
PoE is a technology for wired Ethernet, the most widely installed local area network technology in use today. PoE allows the electrical power necessary to operate each device, to be carried by data cables rather than by power cords. It minimizes the number of wires that must be strung in order to install the network.

PoE also potentially reduces the cost of installing end devices such as IP phones and wireless LAN access points. Because the network switches also can deliver power through the standard Ethernet infrastructure, the need to connect each IP phone or wireless LAN access point to a separate electrical circuit and install additional AC power outlets is eliminated. Also, PoE can provide customers with uninterruptible power for critical applications such as IP (Internet protocol) phones, security cameras, entry loggers and other powered data terminals.

About PowerDsine
PowerDsine is one of the pioneers of Power over Ethernet technology, providing the ability to deliver both power and data over a single network cable. PowerDsine offers converged power and data solutions to enterprise users via its own range of equipment and via OEM agreements with the leading communications equipment manufacturers in the telecom and datacom industries. PowerDsine's product line offers a variety of Power over Ethernet midspan devices, as well as integrated solutions, embedded directly into Ethernet switches. PowerDsine is a founding member of the IEEE 802.3af Task Force. For more information, please visit http://www.powerdsine.com.

PowerDsine is a registered trademark of PowerDsine Ltd.

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