Kontron Introduces MOPSlcd PC/104plus Board with Transmeta Processor

5/13/2004 - Kontron's new PC/104plus board MOPSlcdTM provides significantly more performance per Watt thanks to the initial implementation of the TransmetaTM CrusoeTM TM5500 processor. The total power consumption of the 800 MHz CPU board is typically only three Watts, making it ideal for applications that require low power consumption, low heat generation, high values of EMC and a fanless design. Since the processor's temperature is limited to 50C, simple heat regulation is possible using only passive heat sinking. Parts of the processor that are not being used are automatically shut down and the operating frequency and core voltage are continuously adjusted to match the performance requirements of application workloads. This reduces the power consumption of the processor in deep sleep mode to a mere 20 mW, which greatly extends battery life in mobile applications. The processor's Code Morphing Software (CMS) optimizes frequently used code fragments and stores them in cache memory, thus substantially reducing their execution time. Transmeta's aggressive price strategy enables these features to be offered at an extremely competitive price.

Technical Overview
The MOPSlcdTM PC/104plus CPU board features the latest PCI-to-ISA technology, enabling it to support both PCI and ISA expansion boards for PC/104(plus). Therefore, the board is configurable for use with any available PC/104 I/O board; modules from Kontron's Certified I/O Partner program are particularly recommended for this purpose. An onboard LynxEM+ graphics controller features a 2 MByte video RAM for LCD and CRT support. The remaining feature set of PC/104plus modules is identical and 100 percent compatible to all Kontron MOPS CPU boards. Onboard interfaces include Fast-Ethernet, two USB, two serial, keyboard and LPT, which is more than adequate for connecting all common peripherals to the system. A maximum of 1 GByte DDR-SODIMM memory is either plugged-in or optionally soldered in place and proves to be inexpensive, future-safe and ample for most applications. Other features include an IDE hard drive, a floppy disk controller and a JIPA panel interface for connecting STN, DSTN and TFT panels. JIPA automatically detects the type of display connected and then sets video parameters accordingly, which greatly simplifies the task of connecting diverse displays. A chipDISK can be screwed to the board to provide a robust form of permanent storage. This makes the MOPSlcdTM ideal for use in most adverse environmental conditions that include significant levels of shock and vibration.

Software Support
Since the new MOPSlcdTM board is particularly suited to applications with web support, Kontron's initial software offering comes in the form of board support packages for VxWorks, Linux, Windows CE.net and Windows NT Embedded. Further software support is available from Kontron on demand. All variants of these packages support LanBoot, DarkBoot, watchdog timers and real-time clocks.

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