Altera Offers Reference Platforms for DDR2, RLDRAM II, QDRII Memories

5/12/2004 - Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) introduced the industry’s first two FPGA-based hardware reference platforms for use with DDR2 SDRAMs, QDRII SRAMs and RLDRAM II memory devices. Using Stratix® FPGAs to implement high-speed memory interfaces, these reference platforms provide designers with a comprehensive set of hardware implementation guidelines including layout, termination recommendations, and signal integrity (SI) analysis to simplify their design effort. Customers looking for higher performance can design today for Stratix II FPGAs, which deliver a 50 percent performance boost compared to Stratix devices and also out-perform the nearest competitive device family by 50 percent. Altera and leading memory vendors will be showcasing these new reference platforms in their booths at Denali MemCon in Boston, May 13.

“While memory interface performance is often critical for meeting the high system bandwidth requirements for advanced applications, designing them is often difficult and time-consuming,” stated David Lin, Denali’s vice president of applications engineering. “By offering the industry’s first FPGA-based reference platforms for DDR2 SDRAM, QDRII, and RLDRAM II memories, Altera is providing our mutual customers with flexible test platforms for design verification, thereby helping to reduce development costs and minimize redesigns.”

The RLDRAM II/DDR Stratix memory board features both separate I/O (SIO) and common I/O (CIO) RLDRAM II devices, along with four DDR SDRAM devices and one DDR module (DIMM). The DDR2/QDRII Stratix memory board features two DDR2 devices, one DDR2 DIMM and two QDRII devices. Both memory boards use the Stratix EP1S40 device.

“Stratix and Stratix II product families introduce a host of innovative features, including built-in DQS phase-shift circuitry, to simplify memory interface design,” said David Greenfield, Altera’s senior director of product marketing for FPGA products. “These architectural innovations have enabled Altera to deliver the first FPGA platforms for DDR2, QDRII, and RLDRAM II memory devices.”

Additional information, including schematics and design files for these new hardware reference platforms, are available now from local Altera sales representatives.

About the Stratix Device Family
The Stratix device family is the industry’s first family of production-qualified FPGAs built on a 0.13-micron, all-layer copper process and the winner of EDN magazine’s 2002 Digital IC Innovation Award. Featuring embedded DSP blocks, embedded RAM blocks and support for leading-edge and emerging I/O standards, Stratix devices give designers the performance and densities they need to meet the challenges of high-bandwidth system design. For more information about the Stratix device family, visit

About Altera
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