Renesas Unveils C64665 Constant Data Driver and C64666 Scan Driver

5/10/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the C64665 constant drive type data driver achieving an output current difference between adjacent outputs of 1% or less, and the C64666 scan driver with a low current-sink on-resistance of 6.5, as drivers for organic LED (OLED) graphic panels in products such as Car audio devices. Mass productions will begin in Japan on May 7, 2004.

The C64665 and C64666 have 128 and 88 push-pull outputs, respectively, and offer the following major features.

(1) Data driver achieving adjacent output current difference of 1% or less
Through the use of a 0.5 m BiC-DMOS process1 and configuration of a stable, high-precision current source using bipolar elements, an adjacent output current difference of 1% or less has been achieved in the low current to high current range. This enables tight current matching, giving a clear display. The output current is set by means of an external resistance and on-chip 6-bit D/A converter.

(2) Scan driver achieving low on-resistance of 6.5 typ.
With OLED panel current elements, it is desirable to minimize scan driver current-sink on-resistance as far as possible in order to achieve efficient current intake. The C64666 employs 0.5 m BiC-DMOS DMOS elements, and achieves low on-resistance of 6.5 typ. with a small chip size of 6.16 2.12 (mm).

Both products can be cascaded bidirectionally, allowing support for increased panel pixel counts.

Product Background In OLED, an organic material emits light when a current is passed through it, and since OLED panels do not require backlighting they offer the advantages of thinness and low power consumption while producing a bright display. Initially used in products such as car audio systems, OLED panels are now employed in a wide range of application areas.

Display users require clear image display free of brightness variation, and a large screen size. Consequently, the trend in requirements of OLED graphic panel drivers is for data drivers offering high-precision constant current drive through a reduction in the adjacent output current difference, and small scan drivers offering low on-resistance.

To meet these market needs, Renesas Technology has developed the C64665 data driver and C64666 scan driver employing a 0.5 m BiC-DMOS process.

Additional Product Information
The C64665 and C64666 are drivers for OLED graphic panel data and scan lines. The C64665 has 128 data output lines with 4-gray-scale-level capability, and the C64666 can drive 88 scan lines. By combining these products a user can select the optimum number of devices for the size of display being developed, such as 128 64 dots or 256 64 dots (using two C64665s).

In addition, a kit configuration with a Renesas Technology M66710FP controller IC allows easy configuration of an OLED panel drive system.

Both these products are shipped as gold bumped die.

Renesas Technology will continue to extend the product lineup through the development of products that meet evolving market needs, such as color capability.

Typical Applications
Organic LED (OLED) panels for Car audio products
POS terminals, etc.

Note: 1. BiC-DMOS: A high breakdown voltage process technology that includes DMOS (Double Diffused MOS) transistors with an embedded diffuse epitaxial substrate structure, 5 to 90 V breakdown voltage MOS, and bipolar transistors.

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