City of Canton Shares Information in Real-time with Fiorano ESB

5/6/2004 - Fiorano Software, Inc, announced that its customer City of Canton, Georgia has created real-time access to information for meeting the increasing demands of its citizens with integration technology from Fiorano Software, the leader in standards-based business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology.

In keeping with its Mission to provide services and support to its citizens as well as businesses, the City was continuously looking at ways to improve its IT infrastructure which in turn would help increase their responsiveness to requests related to Utility Billing, Real Estate Taxes, Property Taxes, etc.

The City had several disparate information systems that required manual relation and coordination. Application Integration was seen as the only viable solution to increase productivity and data validation.

"The biggest challenge was of loosely coupling our key data-centric systems in a service model," says Bryan Tidd, Director of Technology, City of Canton, Georgia. "We chose Fiorano to support the City’s integration needs after reviewing several other technologies and software solutions. Fiorano’s scalability and use of industry standards played a major role in our decision, but the most decisive factor was its peer-to-peer architecture. It was clear that Fiorano’s solution was designed for this purpose and not retooled and marketed as other solutions were found to be," he adds.

According to Atul Saini, CEO & CTO, Fiorano Software, "Due to our unique architecture, the solution implemented at City of Canton allowed easy scalability and extensibility across the existing heterogeneous IT infrastructure. Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus, addressed each of the technical issues at an affordable cost, providing a higher value for every dollar spent by the City."

The Fiorano Business Integration Suite empowered business users by enabling them to create new and efficient business processes and make simple changes quickly, leading to tremendous time and cost savings. Fiorano ESB provides the perfect balance of openness and standardization within a productive framework. The City achieved significant qualitative and quantitative benefits by implementing the Fiorano solution.

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About City of Canton , Georgia
The City of Canton has established itself as a viable part of the Atlanta metro area while still maintaining its heritage and strong sense of community. With a population of 12,500 and an average household income of US$57,033, t his heritage city is now enjoying the greatest economic boom in its history.

About Fiorano Software
Based in Silicon Valley, California, USA, Fiorano ( is a leading provider of Enterprise class Integration Middleware. Fiorano's network-centric solutions set a new paradigm in interoperability, performance, scalability and ROI. Global leaders such as American Express, AT&T Wireless, Boeing, BTI Canada, FedEx, General American Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Morgan Stanley, Schlumberger and POSCO have used Fiorano technology to deploy their Enterprise Nervous Systems.

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