Cambridge Consultants Showcases DECT for License-free 2.4GHz ISM Band

5/5/2004 - At WiCon, The product development consultancy Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL) will demonstrate new silicon intellectual property that optimises DECT for use in the license-free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band - making it ideal for worldwide markets including the USA where the usual 1.8-1.9GHz band is unavailable.

CCL has added proprietary interference-avoiding technology onto the DECT protocol to optimise it for use at 2.4GHz. With suitable low-cost radio chipsets already in existence, this new DECT platform offers considerable quality-of-service advantages compared with many existing USA cordless technologies, as well as alternative wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

The DECT protocol still offers an unmatched quality of wireless service in this arena. Among its attributes are high-quality voice and data connections, a range of up to 300m (~1000 feet), low battery power consumption, and seamless hand-over between base-stations for mobility.

CCL's new silicon intellectual property extends DECT's capability by optimising the technology for use in the increasingly-crowded 2.4GHz wireless space. It employs a coexistence strategy based on a discovery algorithm that provides information on the current real-time usage of the spectrum by popular wireless systems, to determine the quietest channels for it to use.

"DECT continues to offer a very cost-effective and powerful platform for OEMs," says Tim Whittaker, CCL's Wireless Enabled Products Group Leader. "In addition to its obvious applications in cordless telephony, it's ideal for wireless-enabling equipment wherever quality of service and mobility is paramount, such as in medical and industrial equipment."

CCL has worked on DECT applications for many years and has a rich IP portfolio for this wireless technology, including a complete protocol stack that it will customise for OEMs. The IP is installed in numerous applications today, running on DECT chipsets from National Semiconductor and Philips.

More information:

See Cambridge Consultants at Wireless Connectivity (WiCon) World, Booth #613, 8th-10th June 2004 - Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands

Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL) designs and develops innovative new products, processes and systems. The organisation enables clients to turn business opportunities into commercial successes, whether launching first-to-market products, or expanding existing markets through the introduction of new technologies. With a team of over 250 engineers and scientists, CCL is able to offer solutions across a diverse range of industries including healthcare, telecommunications, industrial and consumer products, automotive and aerospace. Operating from purpose-built laboratories on the Cambridge Science Park, CCL works for multinationals and small companies alike.

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