Performance Reduces Telecom Costs with SEGway 6200 Mini-STP

5/4/2004 - Performance Technologies (Nasdaq NM: PTIX), a leader in unified systems design for the communications, military and commercial markets, introduced the SEGwayTM 6200 Mini-STP. The new device lowers telecom operators’ infrastructure costs by allowing them to manage and take control of their SS7 network to reduce the requirement for costly, leased SS7 links.

Performance Technologies’ SEGway 6200, equipped with the latest Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) SIGTRAN protocols, operates with existing circuit-switched SS7 networks while facilitating the transition of SS7 signaling to next-generation Internet protocol (IP) networks. Deploying a SEGway 6200 allows the numerous domestic and international Tier2/Tier3 wireline and wireless carriers to reduce SS7 link leasing costs by consolidating traffic onto fewer, more efficiently utilized SS7 links and operating within their own regional networks.

“Traditionally, STPs have been prohibitively expensive for all but the largest carriers to purchase. Additionally, costs associated with leasing SS7 links are high,” said Deb Brunner-Walker, product manager for Performance Technologies. “For smaller volume Tier2/Tier3 telecom operators, an investment in smaller scale equipment presents a much more compelling business case. The SEGway 6200 Mini-STP is ideally scaled and priced for these small-to-medium size operators.”

Performance Technologies’ SEGway SS7/IP signaling products are equipped with the company’s popular distributed software architecture, which distributes the SS7 and SCTP protocol stacks across two units. When deploying platforms in a distributed configuration, each signaling device is capable of handling the full load of message traffic should the other go out-of-service, ensuring reliable operation of the system as a whole. Performance Technologies’ Mini-STPs provide superior carrier-grade reliability, comparable to fault-tolerant “five nines” systems.

SEGway SS7/IP signaling products have been deployed by OEMs and carriers in wireless and wireline configurations both internationally and domestically. SEGway Mini-STPs can contain multiple co-resident stacks conforming to ANSI and ITU-T. Additional protocol variants are available upon request. The SEGway 6200 Mini-STP is available immediately.

About Performance Technologies
Performance Technologies (Nasdaq NM: PTIX) develops the platforms, components and software solutions for the world's evolving communications infrastructure. Our broad customer base includes companies in the communications, military and commercial markets. Serving the industry for more than 20 years, our complete line of packet-based products enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to offer highly available and fully-managed systems with time-to-market, performance and cost advantages.

Performance Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Additional operational and engineering facilities are located in San Diego and San Luis Obispo, California; Norwood, Massachusetts and Ottawa, Canada. For more information, visit or contact

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