HP c8000 Targets Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic Design Industries

5/3/2004 - HP announced the new HP Workstation c8000, which is designed to address the most demanding technical workloads in automotive, aerospace and electronic design enterprises. Offering high performance for traditional UNIX® applications, the HP c8000 is the ideal workstation for handling the complexities of large models, system assemblies, design analysis and simulations.

HP is the first workstation vendor to offer industry-leading AGP 8X graphics and the latest HP zx1 chipset, providing more than four times the graphics, processor and memory bandwidth than previous models and provides 25 percent lower memory latency and twice the compute power of prior models. Support for 16 gigabytes of memory enables the system to handle large workloads.

"We are very pleased that leaders in the automotive, aerospace and electronic manufacturing industries have selected the new HP Workstation c8000 to drive their engineering design environment," said Jim Zafarana, vice president and worldwide marketing manager, Workstation Global Business Unit, HP. "HP is committed to providing our traditional RISC customers increased performance while maintaining UNIX compatibility and will remain an innovation leader in meeting our customer's most demanding technical requirements."

Featuring advancements in processor, graphics, chipset and cooling technology, this new generation of RISC-based HP workstations enables UNIX workstation users to design and analyze products more quickly and affordably than before. The PA-8800 processor features two-way performance at one-way prices and four-way performance at two-way prices and it is binary compatible with existing HP-UX 10.20, 11.0 and 11i applications.

The advanced low-noise cooling system makes the HP Workstation c8000 dramatically quieter than competitive UNIX workstations, with a library-quiet operating noise output of less than 5.0 Bels and whisper-quiet idling output of only 4.2 Bels.

These new performance increases are intended to provide engineers freedom for more creativity, more design iterations with greater detail, and faster insight and understanding. The benefits of the innovative HP Workstation c8000 also should provide users with bottom-line results such as faster time to market, higher quality and better performance.

About HP
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