Artesyn Ships PmPPC7447 PowerPC-based PCI Mezzanine Card for Telecom

4/27/2004 - Artesyn Communication Products, a subsidiary of Artesyn Technologies (NASDAQ: ATSN), and a leading supplier of WAN infrastructure products, announced the availability of a new PowerPC-based PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) for telecom infrastructure applications. Dubbed the PmPPC7447, the new ProcessorPMC (PrPMC) card consumes just 18W of power and features a 1-GHz Motorola PowerPC7447A processor, two Gbytes of memory and three Ethernet ports.

The PmPPC7447 gives telecom OEMs an easy way to add processing power to telecom systems equipped with PMC expansion sites. The PmPPC7447 makes an ideal control plane processor for optical and wireless infrastructure. It is also well suited for augmenting packet processing and routing performance in voice gateways, and for enhancing protocol processing performance in SS7 and SIGTRAN signaling control points and gateways.

“Our Processor PMC modules give designers a flexible way to add processing power to telecom systems,” said Todd Wynia, vice president of marketing at Artesyn. “These modules make it easy for equipment designers utilizing standard or custom platforms to significantly boost control and packet processing performance for applications ranging from softswitches and signaling control points to base station controllers and media gateways.”

The PmPPC7447 combines a 1-GHz Motorola PowerPC MPC7447A processor with a Marvell Discovery III system controller. The MPC7447A features an Altivec vector processing unit and is equipped with 32 kbytes of on-die L1 instruction/data cache and 512 kbytes of on-die L2 cache. The Discovery controller gives the processor high-speed accesses to up to two Gbytes of external memory via its 133-MHz Processor Bus. Additional memory support includes either 32 Mbytes or 64 Mbytes of flash memory.

The PmPPC7447 features two Gigabit 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet ports, which are routed to the PMC connector, and one 10/100BaseTX Ethernet port, which is routed to the module’s front bezel. The module also provides an I2C bus system management controller, two RS-232 serial ports, and a four-channel DMA controller, which boosts overall performance by facilitating high-speed data movement between module resources without CPU intervention.

The PmPPC7447 operates from a 3.3-Vdc power supply, consumes 18W typical, and operates over a 0 ­ 50C temperature range. The module complies with all major safety, EMC, and environmental standards, including IEC60950/EN60950, UL60950, CSA C22.2, Global IEC - CB Scheme Report IEC 60950), NEBS Telecordia GR-63, and GR1089 Level 3, FCC Part 15 (U.S. and Canada), and ETSI EN300386-V1.3.1.

Software support for the PmPPC7447 includes Wind River Systems’ VxWorks 5.5 and Linux 2.4.22. The module also provides a monitor with power-on self-test.

The PmPPC7447 costs under $1,000 in OEM volume application.

About Artesyn Technologies, Inc.
Artesyn Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, FL., is a world leader in designing and manufacturing power conversion solutions for industry-leading OEMs in communications and IT infrastructure markets and is one of the foremost providers of controllers and WAN/protocol software for worldwide telecom and datacom systems and real-time communication applications. The Company has a global sales reach with design and manufacturing facilities in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Artesyn is a public company whose common stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol ATSN. For more information about Artesyn Technologies and its products, please visit the Company's web site at

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