Altia's Graphics Tools Powers Fiat's Automotive Electronic System Design

4/26/2004 - In a reorganization of FIAT Automotive, a cross function has been assigned to the engineering process. This has resulted in new system design methods that have had a positive effect on development processes and project specifications. Fiat has chosen Altia’s graphics development tools to enhance their system modeling effort to help them realize these system engineering changes.

“The fundamental problem for people who have to design an object or a system is to know as soon as possible if it functions or not,” said Mr.Edoardo Sivera, Chief Engineer of Fiat. “The true time and costs saving depends on the possibility to work out problems ahead, ‘seeing’ them before they manifest themselves. New simulation and rapid prototyping technologies permit to validate single functions and the whole system before it is made out. As with Altia Design, we have the great advantage to clearly observe how it actually behaves. This means a very significant decrease in terms of time and costs.”

Altia Design enables developers to create interactive, animated graphics without programming. It reduces the time required to bring products to market by enhancing communication among design team members, senior managers, and customers working on the same project. Altia Design also assists with debugging, optimizing and regression testing. The software seamlessly connects to all leading system simulation tools and programming languages.

A complete interview with Mr. Sivera of Fiat can be found on our web site through the following link: Interview with Mr. Edoardo Sivera, Chief Engineer of Fiat.

About Altia
In 1991, four Hewlett Packard embedded systems developers discovered a need for graphics tools to prototype instrumentation front panels. These engineers spun-off and founded Altia to develop products to meet this need. Altia's mission is to simplify the process for developing embedded systems graphics by providing a cohesive set of graphics development tools that can be used from concept to final code. This simplification minimizes the amount of graphics that are thrown away as developers move through the cycles in the development process. With Altia's tools, embedded programmers can build graphics much faster and cheaper and ultimately raise the quality of the embedded user interface. More than 2,000 licenses of the company's flagship product, Altia Design, have been sold worldwide.

Altia, Inc. is located at 5030 Corporate Plaza Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80919. Tel: 719-598-4299, Fax: 719-598-4392, Web:

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