American Arium Supports AMD Opteron and Althon 64-bit Processors

4/26/2004 - American Arium, an industry leader in software debug and integration tool development, announced support for AMD64 processor technology with the upcoming release of its flagship debugging software, SourcePointTM 7.0. AMD support includes the OpteronTM and AlthonTM 64 family of processors. The latest version of the Arium's debugger is scheduled for official release by month's end.

"AMD64 architecture gives the user 32-bit capability and 64-bit capacity, meeting today's demanding needs for improved memory access while being powerful enough to run the next generation of applications," said Larry Traylor, Arium's CEO. "But, as is always true with a new architecture, it will create a few challenges for software and firmware developers. That's where we come in. With this latest release of our software, designers will have even more tools to debug their systems quickly and efficiently."

Traylor was referring to SourcePoint 7.0 which, when coupled with the company's ECM-50 emulator, provides outstanding debugging solutions for both the Opteron and Althon64 processors. The combination also supports the complete Intel® Pentium® family of processors and Intel 32- to 64-bit extensions. New features include hot plugging, improved target state management, support for Intel's EFI framework, and optional IDE.

SourcePoint 7.0 offers feature-rich, state-of-the-art debug functionality in an intuitive, user-friendly environment. Users get outstanding run control and real time, integrated execution trace, giving them unsurpassed visibility to code via a series of intuitive screens and dialogs with numerous viewing and customization options. SourcePoint operates in real time with and works with today's most popular compiler tool chains. It supports industry-standard input file formats and includes a robust C-like command language.

Arium's SourcePointTM IDE, which works hand-in-glove with SourcePoint 7.0, lets the user edit code "on the fly". The designer can go back and forth in the debugger and editor with ease, making simple changes less time consuming and larger changes easier to debug. SourcePoint IDE is an optional features and ships under a separate license with the SourcePoint CD.

AMD Opteron processors are designed to support servers and workstations, while the Althon64 processors are designed for desktops and notebooks. With the Althon, in particular, AMD has targeted gamers, PC enthusiasts, and digital content creators, giving users what AMD calls "cinematic computing." Users get crisp resolution, smooth movement, and more realism with products that incorporate the processor. According to AMD, processors running 32-bit applications under a 32-bit operating system will remain fully compatible with today's existing 32-bit applications and operating systems.

About American Arium
American Arium designs and manufactures emulators, reference boards, and related development tools for the ARM and Intel markets. Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software such as embedded applications, BIOS, device drivers, and OS kernels. American Arium is headquartered in California and sells its products directly and through a network of distributors worldwide.

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