Janus Technologies Launches NetManager for PowerBus Networks

4/23/2004 - Janus Technologies announced the release of its Power Line Carrier Gateway: NetManager for PowerBus® networks. This product embeds the industry leading U-Chip® integrated circuits from Domosys and add to Janus PowerBus® products family. The NetManager is packaged in industrial aluminium DIN rail casing to provide the functionality of network manager and master.

The NetManager was developed in response to customer requirements for an industrial DIN rail packaged PowerBus® Manager/Master and added value services like data logging and modem control. The NetManager has an integrated power supply and can be easily mounted in standard electrical distribution panel boards to offer a variety of applications from Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to Building Management Systems (BMS) and street lighting controls using the power lines.

"For two years Janus invested continuous effort in PowerBus® OEM products development and we follow the demand for a versatile power line carrier gateway. When developing NetManager we focused on flexibility and hardware optimization to hit a wide range of applications and meet the OEM competitive market" explained Daniel Geha, Janus Technologies Engineering Manager.

One of the main features of NetManager is the interfacing options provided: RS232 (DB9) port or Ethernet 10 base T (RJ45) with loaded firmware to support Modem Controls, GSM SMS handling, Data Logging and many other add-on functionalities. Power line carrier applications require usually versatile bridging to Wide Area Networks like GSM, telephone and Internet, NetManager is able to provide this interface and offers interesting options in this direction. It was optimized to fit in most PowerBus® applications and dedicated mainly to OEMs who are seeking to reduce their development time and cost.

"Domosys is excited to see the introduction of a PowerBus® network manager in DIN rail packaging. Continuous product developments by our customers, such as Janus, support the status of the U-Chip® IC and our PowerBus® protocol as the most advanced technology in the control networking industry" said Evan Price President of Domosys.

NetManager is currently available for 120 and 240 VAC power line networks. Specific requirements can be added to the current designs by software means allowing simple customisation and short lead times.

About Janus Technologies
Founded in 2001, Janus Technologies is an engineering company specialized in developing innovative networking solutions for commercial, industrial and utility applications. Janus designs embedded hardware and software to provide powerful control networks meeting industrial and utilities' expectations. Several OEM products for PowerBus® technology are now provided by Janus, including Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Management systems based on power line carrier communication.

More information about our products and services can be found on the company web site: www.janus-tek.com.

About Domosys
Founded in 1994, Domosys Corporation is a leading provider of control networking technology to the residential, utility and commercial markets. The company provides a complete portfolio of products and services, such as transceivers and development software, required by Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEMs") to successfully develop and market products for control networks. Domosys' communication technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet.

Domosys Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Quebec City, Canada. To learn more about Domosys and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at www.domosys.com

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