Broadbeam Extends Apps to Mobile Environments with MSS Smart IP 3.0

4/23/2004 - Recognizing the challenges that enterprises face when extending existing applications to mobile personnel, Broadbeam Corporation, a company with more than 10 years of expertise in providing mission-critical mobile solutions, introduces its patented MSS Smart IP® 3.0. Without any programming or application configuration, MSS Smart IP allows existing applications to run more effectively and efficiently over wireless networks, including both Wi-Fi and/or wireless wide area networks (wWANs or 2G+ networks).

"Broadbeam's MSS Smart IP 3.0 answers the biggest challenges IT departments face when they try to extend existing applications within the enterprise to a mobile environment," said Janet Boudris, Chairman and CEO, Broadbeam Corporation. "These include ensuring secure communications, and minimizing costs while maximizing the performance of wireless networks to achieve higher business efficiencies. When combined with MSS IntelliSwitching(tm), enterprises can integrate public/private Wi-Fi networks with wWAN(s) into a true, one-networked experience."

Ensuring Secure Communications
Security is one of the top concerns for enterprises when sending corporate data across wireless networks, including both Wi-Fi and wWANs. Enterprises have two options with MSS Smart IP: use their existing VPN scheme or use MSS Smart IP's scheme (with AES encryption and LDAP/RADIUS user authentication). Smart IP's scheme provides the same level of security as a corporate VPN, but is specifically designed for the wireless world taking into consideration the differences between wired and wireless communications. For example, wireless does not provide a consistent or persistent signal through coverage gaps, network congestion, network disconnects/reconnects, and fading signals and there are high bit error rates with wWANs. The MSS Smart IP security scheme not only provides the same high level of security as a wired VPN, but it also reduces end users' frustrations with disconnects by automatically reconnecting and re-authenticating users to the corporate infrastructure.

Minimizing Costs While Maximizing Performance
MSS Smart IP 3.0 offers a number of cost saving and performance benefits to enterprises that want to extend their existing applications into mobile environments, including:

Eliminates Development: The enterprise may be able to realize greater benefit from extending existing applications than building new ones for a mobile environment. Without the use of APIs or development, one can easily deploy applications with MSS Smart IP to a wireless environment unaltered and seamlessly by placing Smart IP on the client and server.

Supports Multiple Networks: Because MSS Smart IP supports Wi-Fi and wWANs, including 802.11(a, b, g), GPRS, GSM, CDMA, 1xRTT, iDENS and the newer networks such as EVDO and EDGE, enterprises are not specifically tied to one carrier. Carriers' coverage differs by geographic location and can change significantly over time.

Improves Performance: Applications that perform well on corporate wired LANs often perform poorly when extended to a wireless environment because of the differences between wired and wireless communications.

Running "underneath" existing applications without any development required, MSS Smart IP optimizes applications at three levels for wireless environments. By significantly reducing the amount of data the application sends/receives over the wireless network, MSS Smart IP can lower airtime charges, improve end user response time and provide longer device battery life - all in a highly secure manner. In recently conducted tests synchronizing Oracle 9i Lite databases with Oracle databases, MSS Smart IP reduced the transmission time by 30 percent for a small database and 90 percent for a large database compared to synchronizing the same databases without MSS Smart IP. If an enterprise needs to achieve a higher level of performance, MSS Smart IP also provides Intelligent Protocol Agents (IPAs), which can further decrease the amount of data sent over the network for specific applications or protocols.

"Push Data" to the Client: Typically carriers offering wWANs provide a dynamic IP addressing scheme which prevents server-side applications to "push data" to the client. MSS Smart IP assigns a "virtual" IP address to each device that remains constant when the carrier changes the IP address. This enables server-side applications to "push data" to clients in a secure manner. Since MSS Smart IP is carrier and network technology (e.g., CDMA, GPRS) independent, enterprises are never tied to one carrier.

Takes the Uni-Fi Initiative to a New Level: With the increase in private and public Wi-Fi locations and the expansion of wWANs, enterprises can now have one true network experience that combines the strengths of Wi-Fi (lower cost and higher performance) with the power of wWANs (coverage). MSS IntelliSwitching, a key component of Broadbeam's Uni-Fi Networking Initiative (Uni-Fi), provides a superior end-user experience by automatically connecting and seamlessly switching to available Wi-Fi and wWANs, according to pre-defined priorities. When MSS IntelliSwitching is combined with MSS Smart IP, the end user now has application persistence through network switches in addition to application persistence through coverage gaps, inherent disconnect/re-connects and changing IP addresses.

Pricing and Availability
To support the introduction of MSS Smart IP 3.0, Broadbeam is offering a special price promotion and an evaluation version. To quickly see the value of MSS Smart IP, an online demonstration is available via where optimizations can be viewed including database synchronizations and Web page rendering scenarios - with and without the use of MSS Smart IP.

The price promotion is 50 percent off the suggested retail price of licenses purchased on or before June 30, 2004. The 30-day evaluation version of MSS Smart IP 3.0 is available at Additionally, a server environment hosted by Broadbeam is available so users can evaluate the product without having to invest time and resources to install MSS Smart IP on their own server - users just need to configure the client side and Broadbeam will handle the rest.

About Broadbeam
Broadbeam Corporation is the leading provider of solutions that provide mobile personnel the capability to exchange real time information with an enterprise securely and reliably, resulting in increased productivity and greater business efficiencies. The company's extensive partnerships with carriers, device manufacturers, SIs and application providers ensure high quality end-to-end solutions.

Broadbeam offers highly specialized professional services and the Mobile Solutions System(tm) (MSS), a mobile framework, to enterprises, ISVs and other partners to create measurable value for real-time enterprises. MSS provides adaptive, proven, and scalable products across a broad range of devices to extend existing applications into a mobile environment and to develop and deliver new mobile solutions.

Broadbeam has the highest number of large enterprise mobile deployments worldwide with over 300 customers, including BellSouth, FedEx Ground, Hertz, London Ambulance Service (LAS) and SBC Communications.

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