Sun Reduces Costs and Simplifies Network Computing for Customers

4/22/2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the leading provider of technologies that make the net work, highlighted more than 30, out of the hundreds of customers worldwide, who chose Sun in the third quarter to reduce costs and simplify their network computing environments. From major financial enterprises such as Charles Schwab with over 7 million active accounts and Toyota Financial Services with $40 billion in assets under management, to leading healthcare companies such as McKesson Corporation and BAYER Healthcare AG, to government agencies including the U.S. Navy, to global destinations like the Athens International Airport, organizations throughout the world and across numerous industries are benefiting from Sun's open, secure and price performant systems.

"We're continuing to deliver innovation to our customers. From technologies to pricing and licensing models to innovative service offerings, Sun is providing customers with differentiated value and real return on investment," said Anil Gadre, chief marketing officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We're working in lock-step with our customers, partners and developers to turn Sun's strong pipeline of ground-breaking new technologies into value for them. And we're monetizing these steps through growth in recurring revenue and tighter customer relationships."

"The applications running on Sun systems at Schwab are mission critical and as such require the highest possible standard of support," said David Dibble, executive vice president, Charles Schwab Technology Services. "Sun continues to demonstrate its commitment to superior service through its Sun(sm) Managed Services Site Support program."

"We found that the Sun(tm) Java Enterprise System provides a solid foundation for addressing both our short- and long-term objectives," Shaun Coyne, vice president and chief information officer, Toyota Financial Services. "Toyota Financial Services has aggressive growth plans and requires a robust, stable, cost-effective software system for deployment of new applications and services."

Breaking new ground on price, security and interoperability, the hundreds of customers purchasing new Sun systems in the third quarter include:

Aeopuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea (AENA)
Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea (AENA) looked to Sun Microsystems for assistance in consolidating mission-critical applications for the Authorized Automated Air Traffic Control System. As part of a three-year, 30 million euros contract, the solution includes assistance with architecture design, testing, project management, and implementation from Sun(sm) Services. The consolidated platform infrastructure will be powered by Sun Fire(tm) servers, including Sun Fire 12K servers, running the Solaris(tm) 9 Operating System (OS). Backed by advanced services from Sun, including Sun Managed Services Site Engagement., the contract includes a service-level agreement stipulating quality-of-service levels.

Canadian communications company Aliant is expanding its ongoing relationship with Sun Microsystems. Aliant's CTO organization has selected the Solaris Operating System and Sun Fire platform as its preferred UNIX(r) platform infrastructure for the next three years. To help ensure high availability and reliability, Aliant CTO has a three-year SunSpectrum Gold(sm) support agreement. Among other results, the consolidation project is helping Aliant CTO to save more than $3.3 million of annualized ongoing expense savings and $1.5 million annualized ongoing capital cost avoidance. With the successful completion of the first phase of its Enterprise Consolidation initiative, Aliant CTO embarked on the second phase, working with Sun Services to consolidate various IBM AIX-based servers and Solaris servers to Sun Fire V240 and V480 servers running the Solaris 8 OS. Both companies, with philanthropic interests in mind, are collaborating to donate the "retired" servers to Canadian educational institutions.

Athens International Airport
Athens International Airport wanted to improve and extend its existing IT infrastructure without having to replace legacy systems. A long-time Sun hardware, software and Sun Services customer, the airport moved to the Sun Java Enterprise System to streamline the user interface with existing applications and provide single sign-on through the airport's portal. Athens is very pleased with the simplicity, affordability, predictability, and availability that Java Enterprise System provides.

BAYER HealthCare AG
BAYER HealthCare AG uses Sun for its Linux environment cluster with Intel-based Sun nodes to create the optimal environment for molecular modeling research, which requires a high level of computation. The Linux environment cluster is based on three Sun Fire V65x servers and 100 Sun Fire V60x servers with two processors each. The system also includes two Sun StorEdge(tm) 3510 FC arrays with a Sun StorEdge Tape Library and the Sun N1(tm) Grid Engine.

Boehler Edelstahl GmbH & Co.
Continuing its momentum away from expensive, legacy, mainframe computing environments, Böhler Edelstahl GmbH, a leading manufacturer of high speed steels, tool steels and special materials, has selected an open systems platform from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Böhler Edelstahl will migrate the production planning processes from an IBM zSeries 900 mainframe system to Sun Fire(tm) systems running the high-performance Solaris(tm) 9 OS software, to lower operational and service costs. The complete rehosting project was completed in March 2004, moving the production planning system off the mainframe and onto cost-efficient, reliable Sun-only systems.

Calibre Digital Pictures
Calibre Digital Pictures, an industry leader in digital visual effects and animation, has built its new render farm with a Sun Compute Grid running 200 Sun Fire V60x nodes. Calibre's rendering time has been cut dramatically, increasing their efficiency in managing multiple resources and in turn, improving their service to film and television clients.

Charles Schwab Corporation
Charles Schwab Corporation, one of the nation's largest financial services firms, provides securities brokerage and related financial services for over 7 million active accounts. To help the company manage its data center processing operations to quality-of-service requirements as well as reduce systems management costs, Sun was awarded a two-year, $5 million Sun Managed Services Site Support agreement. Under the new agreement, Sun will be leveraging best practices to provide Charles Schwab with onsite support, and software upgrades for hundreds of Solaris software-based Sun server and software components.

ENWIN Utilities
ENWIN Utilities is a managed services company providing billing, credit, financial and customer service, and Help Desk support on behalf of ENWIN Powerlines, Windsor Utilities Commission, MaXess Network, and the City of Windsor. ENWIN Utilities, in accordance with their IT strategy, has undertaken a system upgrade for their PeopleSoft Customer Information System to improve system scalability, reliability and security. ENWIN's decision to have Sun's assistance with the migration process was founded on the reputation garnered by Sun Microsystems for their expertise and experience with seamless migrations. The Sun solution consists of a three-tier architecture that separates the web, application and database servers. All systems are configured with maximum redundancy to eliminate single points of failure.

ENSYS AG is a midsized company focused on the utility market. ENSYS AG has switched from a Microsoft infrastructure to a flexible and high performance low-cost infrastructure based on the StarOffice(tm) productivity suite and 60 Sun Ray(tm) ultra-thin clients. With the new infrastructure, the company saves more than $100,000 per year.

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), the leading Geographic Information System provider in the world, is working with Sun Microsystems to help ensure that its technology infrastructure delivers optimal functionality and quality of service. Sun is working with ESRI to upgrade its Java Web Services infrastructure to a common network services architecture based on Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 residing on Sun Fire servers running the Solaris 9 Operating System. ESRI's application services environment also includes other components of the Sun Java System. In addition, ESRI is working with Sun to upgrade their ERP application infrastructure that will reside on Sun Fire V240 and V880 servers. To help ensure high availability and reliability in its data center environment ESRI has SunSpectrum Platinum(sm) and Gold agreements.

Eurocopter Deutchland GmbH
Eurocopter Deutchland GmbH, a leading European helicopter manufacturer, migrated its complete SAP system from a direct attached storage solution to a fully-fledged highly available Sun SAN infrastructure. Its new platform consists of two Sun Fire 12K high-end servers and one Sun Fire V880 server acting as a backup system.

Hebei Tobacco
Established in 1982, Hebei Tobacco handles 11 local tobacco subsidiaries and 137 provincial companies. Hebei Tobacco decided to build a sales management system in order to enhance its competitiveness. The systems includes an e-commerce exchange platform, distribution and wholesale management, information analysis, and decision-making aid systems. Sun and software partner Neusoft worked with Hebei Tobacco to build a stable and convenient system on Sun hardware.

Hitachi Data Systems
Hitachi Data Systems, a leader in data storage systems, needing a platform infrastructure to accommodate burgeoning e-mail spam, chose the Sun Fire V210 and V480 servers running the Solaris 8 Operating System. The solution, which powers Proofpoint Protection Server, is helping Hitachi Data Systems to keep its employees productive. In particular, the solution has scaled to support growth in the amount of spam filtered from 64% of all e-mail when it was implemented to 74% of total e-mail today. The platform infrastructure was deployed at the company's Santa Clara, California headquarters and its offices in Sefton Park, United Kingdom. The new platform infrastructure is protected by a SunSpectrum Silver(sm) agreement.

Human Group
The HumanGroup, a top Spanish intensive human resources business processes outsourcing group, has substituted Microsoft Office with StarOffice 7 software as its standard office productivity suite. StarOffice software provides HumanGroup with a high performance, significantly cheaper alternative that allows the company to achieve significant savings in its deployment when compared with other office productivity suites. In addition, the XML file format by default gives HumanGroup the opportunity to be more flexible when identifying strategic providers for its future needs in the back office.

InFo Score Software Service GmbH
InFo Score wanted to consolidate its Sun server and storage systems. With a new failover and SAN concept based on Sun Fire V1280 servers, StorEdge 3510 FC arrays and network switches the company has realized a clear increase of performance, flexibility and better service levels

Inmarsat is deploying a 3G Global Satellite Network in January 2005. Inmarsat is developing a billing system to support the launch of their new product. The entire Business Support System supporting this service is based upon Sun technologies including the Java Enterprise System, with deployment scheduled for later this year. The Java System Directory Server and Sun(tm) Cluster software, key components of the Java Enterprise System, will be implemented first. Inmarsat intends to deploy a single sign-on portal for their distribution network. With the purchase of the Java Enterprise System, Inmarsat now has the software to do this at no additional cost.

MAKE Technologies
MAKE Technologies is assisting Sun Microsystems and its client, Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) to expand Sasktel's Web services. As an authorized Sun Services subcontractor, MAKE Technologies will provide Java technology and Forte expertise to SaskTel's planned UDS/Forte migration. MAKE is poised to deliver the expertise necessary to scope the architectural aspects of migration as well as to provide the technology and services necessary to successfully transition SaskTel to Java technology.

McKesson Corporation
McKesson Corporation, the leading provider of supply, information and care management products and services designed to reduce costs and improve quality across healthcare, chose Sun Microsystems to assist in data center consolidation and technology-related cost reductions. The solution includes Sun Fire 15K servers running the Solaris 9 OS in a high availability cluster using Sun Cluster 3.1 software. Sun is also providing a System Availability Agreement as part of Sun Managed Services, whereby Sun agrees to deliver against a baseline of system availability targets.

National Central University
National Central University (NCU) turned to Sun to build the first campus grid environment in Taiwan, so it could maximize existing compute resources, increase productivity, and decrease time to market. To best prepare itself for global competition in quality higher education, visionary science research, and the fast-changing economic and social environments, NCU decided to deploy Sun N1 Grid technology to optimize school resources and to incubate top experts specializing in grid computing. The grid solution, powered by Sun N1 Grid Engine software, will not only help satisfy the academic and research requirements in high performance computing, but also connect the whole campus and enable all school resource sharing that covers seven colleges and ten research centers. Sun Services will provide the technical consulting to design the solution architecture and assistance in implementing the infrastructure powered by Sun Fire 6800 servers and Sun Fire V60x Compute Grid Rack systems. The solution will enable researchers and students to work in the Linux environment on the Solaris OS.
The largest online service company in Korea,, chose Sun to power its online gaming solution for new operations in East China. This is the first of its kind in China for the fast emerging industry. delivers its gaming solution on top of Sun Fire 15K servers and a Sun StorEdge 9970 system.

Sarawak Shell Berhad
Sarawak Shell Berhad requires complex data analysis in order to decide on the exact location to drill for oil, mitigating high investment costs. Sarawak Shell has chosen Sun’s Sun Fire 12K servers and Sun Fire B200x blade server, along with Sun Services, to power their seismic processing and interpretation solution.

Seneca College
Seneca College, Canada's largest college, is using the Java Enterprise System to expand its Web-based and e-administration services to a growing student body. Under a single license, at a fixed cost, based on full-time faculty and administrative staff, Seneca can deploy an unlimited number of Web services to an unlimited number of users. The college now has the flexibility to fully leverage Sun's open, industry-leading network services -- network identity, web and application, portal, communications and collaboration, availability, and security. Seneca's IT staff can now focus on the development of innovative new Web Services, rather than on integration and support of a myriad of point products. The Sun Java Enterprise System proved to be the perfect fit for an educational institution striving to deliver top quality Web Services to students and staff.

Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Polytechnic is Singapore’s first polytechnic university, established in 1954. It has provided education and training for some 120,000 skilled personnel. Today, this premier polytechnic has 16,500 full-time and part-time students enrolled in a total of 53 diploma and post-diploma courses ranging from biotechnology to business, e-commerce to engineering, maritime studies to media and communications. To help ensure the smooth administration and to enhance the learning and working experience of both its staff and student body, Singapore Polytechnic implemented the PeopleSoft's Student Administration System powered by a Sun Fire F12K server backed by a SunSpectrum Gold support agreement.

SinoPEC Corporation is China’s largest producer and marketer of oil products and its number one supplier of major petrochemical products. SinoPEC’s finance department needed an auditing system to effectively manage all data from remote gas stations on a daily basis. SinoPEC chose Sun to power its solution with 22 Sun Fire V880 servers and a Sun Fire 4800 midframe server.

Tata Teleservices
Tata Teleservices offers services such as voice telephony, facsimile, ISDN, and leased lines, and accounts for 56 percent of India's subscriber base and 65 percent of the country's telecom revenues. To manage its telecom billing, order processing, CRM and ERP solutions for their telecom services, Tata Teleservices has chosen Sun Fire 15K servers to power their primary data center at Hyderabad. The Sun Fire 15K servers are also powering Tata Teleservices' Disaster Recovery site in Mumbai.

Toyota Financial Services
Toyota Financial Services choose the Java Enterprise System as one of its standard platforms for application deployment. Some of the key reasons for selecting Java Enterprise System included its unified and integrated architecture, compliance with open standards, and predictable and cost-effective pricing model. Toyota Financial Services is leveraging technology and services from Sun Microsystems for several key IT initiatives supporting its customers, business partners, and employees. As part of its overall IT strategy, Toyota Financial Services tested and evaluated the Java Enterprise System as an alternative software system for its Network Services Architecture which includes the Java System Web Server, Java System Portal Server, Java System Identity Server, and Sun Cluster software.

University of Manitoba
The University of Manitoba is using Sun Fire V880 servers to roll out their Digital Campus. Their application partner is Sungard SCT and the solution utilizes key components of the Java Enterprise System – the Java System Web Server, Java System Directory Server, Java System Calendar Server and Java System Messaging Server. The Sun solution will allow the University of Manitoba to deliver highly personalized information, Java Web Services, and community interaction to every campus constituent from faculty and students to administrators and alumni.

University of Leeds, School of Biochemistry and Biology
The University of Leeds chose Sun’s Java Enterprise System software, Sun Fire V20z, storage technology, Sun N1 Grid Engine Enterprise Edition and three years of SunSpectrum Silver support. With these solutions they can now promote research across the full breadth of the Biological Sciences, specifically structural biology (X-ray crystallography, NMR & electron microscopy), molecular dynamics & simulation, and a full range of bioinformatics projects. The provision and positioning of part or all of this system in the White Rose Grid will help enable the group to not only gain access to additional CPU cycles across a heterogenic environment but also develop further and better links with the diverse community of contributors across the three university grid sites.

University of Maryland
The University of Maryland is a leader in leveraging technology to serve its students and faculty, and to support groundbreaking research. The University of Maryland looked to Sun for Sun Cluster 3.0 software, Solaris 9 OS, Sun Fire V240 and 15K servers, and Sun StorEdge systems.

UTStarcom is a world leader in the development of wireline, wireless, optical and access switching solutions. UTStarcom chose Sun’s Solaris OS to power its ERP solution in the US and help upgrade it to their global cluster system.

U.S. Navy
The U.S. Navy's Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Computer, Communications, Intelligence and Space (PEO C4I and Space) selected the Java System Application Server Standard Edition 7 to run all Global Command and Control - Maritime (GCCS-M) deployments beginning in fiscal year 2005. Ultimately, the Java System Application Server is scheduled to be deployed on more than 200 naval vessels during a four-year installation period.

Xerox Corporation
Xerox Corporation's Global Services division has selected the Java Enterprise System as the framework to develop and deploy Web Services for its document, content and imaging solutions. As a means to leverage its existing Sun investment on a global scale, Xerox Global Services will utilize the Sun Java Studio Enterprise development platform and immediately begin to port its existing solutions to the Java Enterprise System, initially deploying the Java System Identity Server, Java System Directory Server, Java System Application Server, and Java System Web Server.

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