ICS Introduces Low-Jitter Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators

4/21/2004 - Integrated Circuit Systems (NASDAQ:ICST) announces the release of the new M675 and M685 Single and Dual Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators (VCSOs).

Designed to deliver sub-picosecond jitter performance for SONET/SDH and GbE optical data transmission, these new VCSOs are well suited for phase-locked loop implementations, frequency translation, clock and data recovery circuits, and other timing applications for telecom and optical networking systems. They include integrated SAW (surface acoustic wave) delay lines that provide very low phase noise and jitter characteristics (0.5 ps rms typical over 50 kHz to 80 MHz). The new M675 and M685 deliver industry-standard Kvco (VCO Gain) performance for full replacement compatibility. Available output frequencies range from 125 to 175 MHz for the M675-01 and M685-01, and from 500 to 700 MHz for the M675-02 and M685-02.

The M675, which integrates a single SAW delay line and oscillator circuitry, outputs a center frequency that is specified at the time of order. It is designed for line cards and optical transponders supporting 10 gigabit rate optical standards such as SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64, Gigabit Ethernet and 10G Fibre Channel.

The M685, with two SAW delay lines, can output one of two pin-selectable output clock frequencies, which makes it ideal for multi-rate line cards and optical transponders. This dual rate capability can be used to enable standard and FEC rate selection, or WAN and LAN provisioning flexibility. As an example, an M685 can be specified with a 622.08 MHz SAW and a 669.3266 MHz SAW to be capable of supporting OC-192 SONET/SDH and G.709 FEC (OTU2) optical rates. The M685 replaces two VCSOs, a selection MUX, and associated power selection circuitry.

M675 and M685 Feature Summary:

About ICS
Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and marketing of silicon timing devices for communications, networking, computing, and digital multimedia applications. The Company is headquartered in Norristown, PA, with key facilities in San Jose, CA, Tempe, AZ, Worcester, MA and Singapore. For more information, visit the company's web site at: www.icst.com.

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