RealVision Introduces Three New Graphics Controllers

4/21/2004 - National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Las Vegas – RealVision, a leading provider of high-quality processing solutions for video, broadcasting, NLE and 3D graphics, announced the release of three new graphics controllers that round out the RealVision VREngine/SD and VREngine/HD graphics and video board family. The RealVision SD10, HD10 and HS10 provide the first truly integrated graphics and video processing solutions; with one-of-a-kind, hardwire-connected, unified memory architecture that is not limited by slower system bus speeds for inter-board communication and video data exchange. Until today, the only solution available to developers and artists to work around the bus speed limitation had been to pair a high quality graphics board with a video board, with results that fail the high-speed demands of HD.

RealVision demonstrates these cutting-edge graphics and video controllers on their Stand #SL5516 at NAB in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 19-23. The demo will capture HD video stream from a HD camera (HD SDI output), through the new HSC10 HD SDI video input board; processing Chroma data; and then outputting this processed version of the HD video stream to a HD TV. This demo uses the RealVision RV Media Library, based on the OpenML® 1.0 standard, to interact with the HSC10 and the HD10 boards.

RealVision uses leading-edge VPU technology from 3Dlabs in its VREngine family to provide state-of-the-art programmable 3D graphics and imaging performance and functionality.

“RealVision has taken a unique, highly-integrated approach to graphics and video processing that enables excellent levels of performance in a broad range of systems - including those that would not otherwise have the bus performance to support HD,” said Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development at 3Dlabs. “3Dlabs values our relationship with an innovative company such as RealVision and we look forward to continuing to work together to apply the power of VPUs to creating unique video processing solutions.”

“Answering the call for high speed solutions for today’s demanding HD applications, RealVision has engineered the VREngine "unified memory architecture" to eliminate the bus bottleneck. said John Sims, Vice President, Sales, Real/Vision-RVU, Inc.” “The new RealVision VREngine architecture unleashes the awesome power that today’s content creators demand from their hardware rendering capabilities.”

Description of New Accelerators and the Entire VREngine Product Family
The RealVision VREngine SD/HD/HS/HSC Series products are designed to handle demanding Broadcasting and Non Linear Editing (NLE) applications such as character generation, Telopper, digital video effects, and virtual set or content creation; on Windows and Linux; for both standard and high definition video. This means the VREngine Series cards offer unsurpassed productivity and reduced cost and complexity to OEMs; and end users such as software application developers, major networks, studios and pre- and post-production companies that work with studios and networks, will benefit from the improved performance and enhanced features.

VREngine/HSC10: New and available today
The VREngine/HSC10 gives the user the ability to input HD and SD SDI (Serial Digital Interface) signals. Combined with the company’s SD/HD-SDI output boards, VREngine/SD10, VREngine/HD10, and VREngine HS10, a comprehensive solution (including dedicated graphic drivers and libraries) with high performance is now possible for broadcasting applications dealing with video input/output.

VREngine/HD10: Available today
The first fully integrated video and graphics processing board leveraging the power of advanced 3D graphics processing and RealVision’s hardwire-connected unified memory architecture.

VREngine/HD10 with 512 MB of memory: New and available in June
The new and advanced version of the VREngine/HD10 with 512 MB of memory, designed for more demanding applications requiring more memory for more sophisticated processing.

VREngine/SD10: Available today
Advanced video and graphics processing board for Professional Broadcasting systems, supporting Integrated 3D graphics and Video for Standard Definition TV (SDI output)

VREngine/HS10: New and available in May
The new VREngine/HS10 is targeted at demanding applications for broadcasting and NLE requiring both standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) support. It is capable of outputting uncompressed SD and/or HD-SDI streams in real time with high-quality 3D graphics data generated by onboard hi-performance graphics controller LSI.

About RealVision
RealVision, a provider of high-quality processing solutions for video, broadcasting and 3D graphics, supplies a broad range of graphics accelerators to OEMs and digital media professionals. Its products are available in cutting-edge OEM workstations and directly from RealVision. For more information on RealVision’s products, visit

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