Imagineer Improves Performance with Aspex Semiconductor's Accelera

4/20/2004 - Aspex Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company delivering ultra high-performance, programmable processors, announced that Imagineer Systems, developers of the award winning post production tool mokey, are implementing Aspex’ Accelera - software acceleration platform to increase performance of it’s new monet texture replacement software, boosting customer productivity.

monet is Imagineer’s latest development for broadcast, film and video post production. This start-to-finish solution enables complex logo replacements, product packaging alterations, and product placement into moving footage, by offering a set of tools that allow artists to overcome all the common problems associated with this type of work. monet includes tools that control the tracking accurately, motion blur, lens effects, grain management, and shadow maintenance.

Aspex Semiconductor’s Accelera was chosen because its capabilities matched the needs of Imagineer Systems continued drive to improve customer productivity. By investing in Accelera to provide software acceleration, Imagineer has achieved an increase in performance of 10-20 times in the tracking algorithm used in their products. Similar performance increases are also expected for other operations where hardware acceleration is planned. For Imagineer’s customers this means the provision of a hardware accelerated system which will provide even faster processing of images saving considerable post production time.

“Our customers are asking us to develop cutting edge image processing solutions, using Aspex Accelera we will now be able to take processing power constraints out of the equation – without delivering compromise” commented Allan Jaenicke, Managing Director, Imagineer Systems.

Accelera provided Imagineer with the added benefit of being a plug-in system that installs easily into a desktop PC. The nature of the system ensures that a software program will recognise its presence and utilise its power with minimum effort. Conversely if the Accelera hardware is not present the software will still run.

Imagineer will also use Aspex Accelera to step up new developments in all of its software where previously the intensive processing required would have been prohibitively slow without the additional hardware acceleration. Using Accelera, Imagineer will be able to develop software with increased functionality for their customers.

“We compared and evaluated the Aspex platform against other solutions in the marketplace and the Aspex platform and services met all of our needs” said Allan Jaenicke. “A supportive partnership approach was apparent from the outset giving us full confidence in the company’s ability to support our development strategy.”

Aspex Accelera provides customers with algorithmic acceleration, offering significant performance improvements for imaging applications used in the broadcast marketplace. Accelera incorporates Aspex Linedancer devices to give unrivalled processing power and complete software programmability.

Aspex Accelera consists of a PCI-based board and software tools customers require to develop their products. Accelera uses two Aspex Linedancer devices containing 4096 processing elements, an embedded RISC CPU and an ASProCore Controller.

For more information about Accelera and Linedancer, please visit the Aspex Semiconductor web site at

About Aspex Semiconductor
Aspex Semiconductor is a leading edge fables semiconductor company specialising in the delivery of high performance programmable processors. Aspex enable customers to reduce component costs, shorten time to market and reduce risk by moving to software defined applications. In addition, the company offers services to speed adoption of Aspex products. Aspex Semiconductor has successfully demonstrated its architecture in the market place and by optimising the unique benefits of the Aspex processor family, customers are able to keep pace with the most demanding market conditions.

Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, UK Aspex serves clients and partners worldwide. For further information visit the Aspex Semiconductor website at

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