UML Reduces Embedded Design Costs and Speeds Time-to-Market

4/20/2004 - Embedded Market Forecasters, a strategic consulting and embedded research firm, released a report entitled “Reducing OEM Development Costs and Enabling Embedded Design Efficiencies Using the Unified Modeling Language.” The study shows that embedded systems developers are leveraging the benefits of Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0-based, Model-Driven Development (MDD) to successfully address increased design complexities and includes a “Model-Driven Development Buyer’s Checklist” of key criteria for the evaluation of UML-based, Model-Driven Development environments.

The Embedded Market Forecasters presents data demonstrating that UML 2.0 offers design economies, enhanced design capabilities and significant savings in development costs. The paper discusses the UML 2.0 standard and outlines how the four major UML tool offerings are differentiated while supporting UML 2.0. The tools evaluated include ARTiSAN's Real-time Studio (4.3); IBM Rational’s Rose RealTime (6.0); I-Logix’ Rhapsody (5.0); and Telelogic’s TAU Generation2 (2.2).

According to the report:

“With rapidly-increasing design complexities and shrinking market windows, traditional embedded software development models no longer are adequate. In fact, our surveys over the past three years show that over 33% of embedded developers responding report that their final designs are not within 50% of their design expectations,” said embedded technology authority Dr. Jerry Krasner. “By offering design economies, enhanced design capabilities and significant savings in development costs, UML 2.0-based MDD promises high-quality, on-time, on budget embedded development. This paper is intended to assist developers, managers and financial executives in understanding the power of UML 2.0 and what it means to their company’s success.”

Embedded Market Forecasters’ “Reducing OEM Development Costs and Enabling Embedded Design Efficiencies Using the Unified Modeling Language” report and Model-Driven Development Environment Buyer’s Checklist can be found at

About Embedded Market Forecasters
The premier market intelligence and advisory firm in the embedded technology industry, Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) is the embedded market research division of American Technology International, Inc. We specialize in providing high-quality data and expert analysis to support our clients’ ability to assess the opportunities, risks, and competitive issues involved with developing and deploying embedded technologies. EMF has extensive experience providing both multi-client and custom research on topics including embedded boards, buses, software, hardware and development tools markets as well as embedded technology applications including embedded systems, digital signal processors (DSPs), FPGAs, single board computers, communications/IT, and multimedia. Our clients range from startups to Global 100 companies worldwide. Founded by Dr. Jerry Krasner, a recognized authority on embedded markets, product development and channel distribution, EMF is headquartered in Framingham, Mass.

Author Profile
Jerry Krasner, Ph.D., MBA is Vice President of Embedded Market Forecasters and its parent company, American Technology International. A recognized authority with over 30 years’ embedded industry experience, Dr. Krasner was formerly Chairman of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, and Chairman of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Bunker Hill Community College. In addition to his academic appointments, Dr. Krasner served as President of Biocybernetics, Inc. and CLINCO, Inc., Executive Vice President of Plasmedics, Inc. and Clinical Development Corporation, and Director of Medical Sciences for the Carnegie-Mellon Institute of Research. Earlier, he was Senior Engineer at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. Dr. Krasner earned BSEE and MSEE degrees from Washington University, a Ph.D. in Medical Physiology / Biophysics from Boston University and an MBA from Nichols College. He is a visiting professor at the Universidad de Las Palmas (Spain) where he is recognized for his work in neurosciences and computer technology.

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