3Dlabs Debuts Industry's Most Powerful Visual Processing Architecture

4/20/2004 - 3Dlabs Inc., Ltd., a leading innovator in professional visual processing, announced at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2004 trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, a major breakthrough in graphics architecture: Wildcat® RealizmTM technology. The architecture combines a next-generation Visual Processing Unit (VPU) and a unique Vertex/Scalability Unit (VSU). These work together to enable a software-compatible family of graphics accelerators ranging from a single VPU AGP 8x solution to a unique dual-VPU configuration, which takes full advantage of the enhanced bandwidth of PCI Express. Wildcat Realizm is specifically designed to provide unmatched graphics productivity for CAD, DCC and visualization professionals. It represents a significant advancement in accelerating industrial-strength shader programs written in high-level shading languages such as the OpenGL® Shading Language and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 HLSL. A range of products based on the Wildcat Realizm architecture is expected to be available mid-2004. 3Dlabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF).

“3Dlabs revolutionized the workstation graphics industry when it delivered the first compiler-friendly VPU and initiated the creation of the OpenGL Shading Language,” said Hock Leow, president of 3Dlabs. “Wildcat Realizm technology builds on that significant innovation by creating a uniquely scalable architecture with unmatched programmability. Our innovative VSU outperforms ordinary PCI Express bridge chips by adding significant geometry processing power and supporting multiple VPUs to enable high-level shader programs that deliver new levels of professional productivity.”

Packed with more than 150 million transistors, the Wildcat Realizm VPU removes any boundaries to running professional-grade shader programs to generate cinematic-quality visuals in real time. Wildcat Realizm technology shatters the fragment shader programmability limits of previous architectures by supporting up to a quarter of a million instructions stored in virtual memory and by offering advanced flow control. Wildcat Realizm technology implements a full floating-point VPU pipeline, with up to full 32-bit floating point per component accuracy and direct display of floating point pixels - an industry first.

The Wildcat Realizm VSU provides extreme geometry performance while enabling a dual-VPU configuration to provide unmatched high-end graphics solutions. The Wildcat Realizm VSU receives graphics commands at full bandwidth from a 16-lane PCI Express interface and processes vertices with an incredible 67 billion floating point operations per second in a powerful SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) array of highly optimized vector processors. The VSU is then able to drive two VPUs at full bandwidth over a 8.4GB/sec interface while optimally distributing graphical primitives between the two VPUs to achieve a genuine doubling of both geometry and fill-rate performance.

“Wildcat Realizm technology will significantly advance the flexibility and complexity of graphics VPUs, to enable higher quality images and interactivity,” said Woll Newall, product manager at LightWork Design. “By working closely with 3Dlabs we have ensured that LightWork’s Real-time provides the perfect solution for application developers to take best advantage of these advances.”

“Hands down, the new Wildcat Realizm technology is truly an amazing engineering feat and incredible to see in action,” said Antony Hervo, solution partner manager at SolidWorks Corporation. “SolidWorks® 2004 RealView customers can realize maximum speed and raw power when they team the OpenGL Shading Language and 3Dlabs’ Wildcat Realizm technology together.”

“Maya professionals require power, pixel accuracy and an unencumbered outlet for creativity,” said Rob Hoffmann, senior Maya manager for Alias. “3Dlabs has a history of exceptional products that deliver the performance our customers require. Based on that history, we can’t wait to see the performance, quality and functionality that Wildcat Realizm technology has for high performance graphics professionals.”

Wildcat Realizm Features and Benefits

About 3Dlabs
3Dlabs, a leading innovator in professional visual processing, supplies a broad range of graphics accelerators to Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visual simulation professionals. Its award-winning Wildcat graphics solutions are available in industry-leading OEM workstations, in the channel through an international distributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs' online store. For more information on 3Dlabs products, visit www.3dlabs.com. 3Dlabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.

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