Portwell Rolls Out Mission Critical NAR-7050 Appliance Server

4/19/2004 - Portwell, the leading Communication Appliance platform provider, proudly introduced the NAR-7050 appliance server for mission critical applications, of which requirements are beyond the limitation of current solutions in the market.

The NAR-7050 is based on the cutting-edge 533 MHz Intel E7501 chipset and 82546 dual-Gigabit Ethernet controllers. It offers superior computing power of dual Xeon processors up to 2.4 GHz and data throughput via four 64-bit, 133 MHz Gigabit interfaces in a 1U industrial grade rack-mount system. The hyper-threading capabilities of dual Xeon processors provide unparalleled computing power to Gigabit oriented applications. The performance of four front-accessible Gigabit Ethernet interfaces is optimized to take full advantage of the high-bandwidth I/O architecture of Intel E7501. The choices of different combination of Copper and Fiber-Optic Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are available to satisfy a wider range of applications.

One built-in front-accessible PCI-X expansion slot of 133 MHz allows for expansion with encryption acceleration card to boost overall hardware performance or RAID card for storage solutions. An optional PMC connector of independent PCI-X channel is equipped for higher flexibility of add-on card selections.

As for the cooling within the system, the optimized ventilation design and a set of hot swappable fan modules within NAR-7050 greatly enhance the system reliability and ease of maintenance.

In summary, NAR-7050 offers:

About Portwell
Portwell Inc, a member of the Intel Communications Alliance, designs and manufactures Network and Security Appliance along with a full range of IPC products (SBC, Backplane, Redundant Power Supply, Rack Mount & Node Chassis), Embedded Architecture Solution and Panel PC. Portwell provides complete R&D and project management services to decrease customers' time to market, reduce project risk and cost. Portwell is also an ISO9001 certified company which deploy quality assurance through product design, verification and manufacturing cycle.

About the Intel® Communications Alliance
The Intel® Communications Alliance is a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers who share a common vision on the convergence of computing technologies. The member companies within the Alliance are committed to the development of modular, standards based building blocks, platforms, and solutions based on Intel technologies, processors, products, and services. The availability of these standards-based modular building blocks and solutions offer the market greater choice, faster time to profit, and the opportunity to innovate using modular building blocks from multiple levels of integration - silicon, software, boards and complete systems.

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