Data Translation Debuts DT Measure Foundry with Royalty-Free Executables

4/16/2004 - In response to faster time-to-market and low-cost delivery of test and measurement solutions, Data Translation®, Inc. announced DT Measure FoundryTM 4.0.6 and DT Measure Foundry/Real-Time Streaming 4.0.6. Both test and measurement builders let users create executables for royalty-free distribution. Now users, VARs and OEMs can automatically compile and link executables and generate installation set-up files at a fraction of the time of general purpose languages and installation utilities.

In addition, DT Measure Foundry/RTS 4.0.6 makes it faster and easier to take measurements because it ships with a Ready-to-MeasureTM executable in the Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) example that provides four high-speed, high-accuracy instruments in one application:

DT Measure Foundry/RTS 4.0.6 also provides decimation filtering, which reduces acquired data while preserving signal integrity, and supports standard .WAV file formats for direct access to the DT9841 Fulcrum® II Series high-performance, sigma delta digital-to-analog converter.

According to President, CEO and Data Translation Founder Fred Molinari, “Test and measurement users now have the best of both worlds – the ability to create executables for faster distribution for any kind of signal instrument or an out-of-box executable that already targets four specific hardware devices. Users can immediately begin testing their devices – or any combination – without additional hardware cost or development time involved in writing executables.”

DT Measure Foundry 4.0.6 $1295
DT Measure Foundry/RTS 4.0.6 $2495

DT Measure Foundry Lowers the Cost of Signal Measurement
DT Measure Foundry is Data Translation’s test and measurement application builder. DT Measure Foundry’s drag-and-drop approach lets users create powerful measurement applications similar to the DSA in less time then it takes with text-based programming. DT Measure Foundry/RTS employs the DT9841 DSP data acquisition board to transfer data to and from a host computer in real-time. As a high-performance data source, the DT9841’s high-accuracy, 24-bit A/D and D/A automatically downloads files to its on- board processor so users do not have to be experts in the intricacies of DSP programming or host communications.

DT Measure Foundry/RTS 4.0.6 also supports Data Translation’s Sleek BoxTM, a complete development system for real-time embedded DSP data acquisition. The Sleek Box encloses the DT9841 module in a rugged, shielded metal box complete with BNC and D-Sub connectors for easy access to all board functions and includes all necessary accessories.

Access to Powerful Mathematical Functions and Analysis
DT Measure Foundry gives users complete access to The MathWorks’ MATLAB® Script functionality for numerical computation, scientific graphics and signal processing. A user can define and execute MATLAB programs from within DT Measure Foundry for fast and easy visualization and analysis of collected data. Automatic data conversion support allows users to send and receive A/D or D/A data directly to/from MATLAB. Users can also access Microsoft® Excel and control it from within DT Measure Foundry using the Excel Live Link to log, graph and save data in real-time.

Availability, Pricing and System Requirements
DT Measure Foundry/RT-Streaming 4.0.6 is available for immediate order with delivery within 30 days and is priced at $2495. DT Measure Foundry 4.0.6 is also available within 30 days and is priced at $1295. Both environments run on Windows® 2000 and XP. System requirements include: a PC compatible with a Pentium® II/333 or higher recommended; CD ROM drive; at least 128MB of RAM required, 256MB recommended and at least 80MB of free hard disk space; Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP1) or XP; and appropriate DT WDM hardware device driver(s) and USB 2.0 (recommended) or Ethernet. DT Measure Foundry/RT-Streaming 4.0.6 also requires a DT9841 Fulcrum II Series board or Sleek Box. Compatible software includes Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher or MATLAB 6.5 Release 13 or higher.

DT Measure Foundry includes an extensive library of application examples as well as online help. Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products. Support is also available 24x7 via Data Translation’s website at Also on the website is the Data Acquisition Solution Center, which includes application examples, video tutorials, editorials, whitepapers, resources and links to Data Translation’s data acquisition boards.

About Data Translation
Data Translation is a supplier to the data acquisition, imaging and machine vision markets with expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality and reliable analog-to-digital products. The company partners with its end user and OEM customers to help them achieve real-time measurement and image acquisition. With thirty years experience, customers have come to rely on Data Translation because of its design proficiency, world-class manufacturing and well-respected customer service. Headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with distribution in more than 40 countries and subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. For more information, visit

Data Translation and Fulcrum are registered trademarks and DT Measure Foundry, Ready-to-Measure and Sleek Box are trademarks of Data Translation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel. Windows and Microsoft are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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